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Publish Date : 21 September 2018 - 23:07
Available only as a wagon, the revised model uses the new 1.5-liter gasoline engine.
khodrocar-Want diesel-like fuel economy in a Skoda but without the TDI badge on the engine cover? Czech out the Octavia G-TEC. Initially offered both as a liftback and wagon, the special version of the compact model running on compressed natural gas is getting a pretty important update this month and will be available from now on only in the more practical body style. Gone is the old 1.4 TSI as it has been removed to make room in the engine bay for the Volkswagen Group’s 1.5 TSI unit.

The engine transplant has benefits on the amount of power offered by the CNG-friendly Octavia as output has increased by 20 hp (15 kW) to 130 hp (96 kW). Not only that, but with the new-generation gasoline unit featuring variable intake valve timing and running on the Miller cycle, it’s also more efficient.

When the wagon is driven in CNG mode, CO2 emissions are reduced by approximately 25 percent compared to when the Octavia is feeding on gasoline. Skoda wishes to point out that CNG is cleaner and cheaper than regular gasoline or diesel and it’s just as easy and quick to refill. Speaking of which, the G-TEC version uses three CNG tanks with a combined capacity of 17.7 kilograms. One of them is made from steel and sits in front of the rear axle while the other two built by using a "new composite material” are located underneath the trunk.

With all three tanks full, the thrifty Octavia in CNG mode will cover about 480 kilometers (298 miles), which is about 70 km (43 miles) more than what the previous G-Tec model offered. Once you run out of CNG juice, the wagon will then automatically switch to gasoline mode and will feed on the 11.8-liter gasoline tank to extend the car’s range. Skoda doesn’t mention the combined range (CNG + gasoline), but it’s certainly a lot more than the old one’s already impressive 1,330 kilometers (826 miles).

Skoda will offer the revised Octavia G-TEC exclusively with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and in the Active, Ambition, and Style trims.

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