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Publish Date : 07 August 2018 - 08:54
More than 3 months has been passed since the Trump’s speech about withdrawing the JCPAO and today Iran’s automotive industry sanctions started but the ministry of industry has not react to this happening yet and it seems they are not worry about it.
Khodrocar – 3 months is not a short time to analyze the effects of sanctions on auto industry while this industry holding thousands of jobs and making more money than other industries but it seems to be forgotten from officials mind. Till now, Shariatmadari , minister of Industry, Mine and Trade hasn’t show any reaction to the sanctions.

He is not reacting to auto industry sanctions while he have enough time to focus on the case of car’s infraction that happened last year and proved 1 month ago. He could use the national media to relief producers, importers, part makers and even people about the sanctions. Contrary to imagination, he and his crew put all of their attentions on infractions and forget all about the sanctions and the future of this strategic industry.

Now, after Trump’s speech secondary sanctions started in 6 August 2018 and got executed from today’s morning. Till now, tens of companies have leaved Iran and the rest are waiting for a good time to leave. At the top of the leaving companies are Renault and Peugeot which are Iran’s old partners in automotive industry but they never been propitious for out auto industry.

Today is the beginning of a new era for Iran’s auto industry and it may be harder than previous times because not the president and not even his minister has talked about the future of this industry and thousands of unanswered questions are shadowing over this industry. However, experts did their best to picture a roadmap for the future of the industry and said any good or bad things about the future.

Banning the vehicle and auto part importation will make the coming days harder for this industry but some experts are saying that it may be hard in the first days but it may help the part industry to become self-sufficient.

"The most important problem of current situation is not sanctions because they haven’t have too much affection on the domestic production and our domestic products are relating to the inner capabilities but peoples need to know about the future and we have to talk to them and inform them about the roadmap of an industry.” Amir Hosein Kakaei told Khodrocar reporter. "This silence is not logical because we are in a complicated situation and officials should have talk to people.”

"If people keep their calm and be relax then part of the market tensions will decrease because these tensions are because of the tensions among the people. They can talk to people and calm them even now.” He said.

"One of politicians once said that it’s good that governmental officials are keeping their silence but in this case I believe that the minister of Industry should talk to people about the sanctions.” He added.

"Each of us has the right to know about the government’s decisions and they can inform us through media but maybe some ones think that result of each activity shows the process but it is separate from our topic.” He continued.

Now, regardless of whether the future of the automotive industry in Iran comes after stubborn US sanctions and whether international decisions are changing or not, it is clear that auto industry is a priority in the secondary sanctions and the gap of reaction from Iran’s officials is obvious.

Khodrocar Reporter: Negar Mir Karimi

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani
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