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Publish Date : 29 November 2017 - 09:08
Citroen Marketing Manager answered Khodrocar;
Citroen's marketing manager believe that Iran's market is dynamic and potential and he announced that in the next one and half year, Citroen will produce 3 new models in Iran.
Khodrocar – less than a week have passed, since the new SAIPA-Citroen product unveiled. The car which had a worldwide reflection now came to Iran as a joint venture product of Iran and France.

The C3 model unveiled at the 2nd Tehran Motor Show and it will be available in Iran's market within few months. Regarding to this issue Khodrocar reporter had a conversation with Nicolas Lotkhanjy, Citroen's marketing manager and asked him then about the future of C3 in Iran.

*Why did Citroen choose Iran for the second destination of C3 after Italy?

Iran has a dynamic market and when you go to a motor show like the 2nd Tehran motor show, you will see so many people looking at the cars and love them. It means, Iran is a great place to produce and sell cars.

*Do you think that C3 is going to be successful in Iran?

I believe that this model can defeat all the competitors in Iran's market.

*Have you chosen any price range for this car for Iran's market?

Not yet, I think everyone wants to know it. We are going to launch this car in six months from now and there can be so many things happen during this time and giving price would not be professional. I can promise that it would be a fair price in the range of competitors.

*During the past 3 years, Citroen had showed some different models in Iran. Do you have any plan to lunch other models in Iran after C3?

Sure, for now we have C4 in Iran which is an imported car and it can't be imported any more. The C3 will be the first car which would be locally produce and two other cars would come few months after. The two additional cars are be B sedan, B SUV alongside the C3 which is a B hatchback.

It seems that in the next one and a half years from now, Citroen would produce and sell 3 new models in Iran.

Khodrocar Reporter: Mostafa Anisi

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani

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