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Publish Date : 29 October 2017 - 09:15
According to the latest information, 400 million dollars of auto parts are imported to the country and this is while the government insist on the support of domestic production. This looks like a great conflict.
Khodrocar – Value of imported auto parts is about 17% more than imported vehicles to the country and this is while the Minister’s emphasis is on the domestic construction of auto parts and many manufacturers are dissatisfied with the volume of imports.

According to the report, 47 percent of this imported auto parts were from China, 20 percent from France, 16 percent from South Korea, 5 percent from Japan, 4 percent from Romania and 4 percent from Turkey.

Now, considering the significant amount of imported auto parts, which have not yet been disclosed by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration, the main question is that why imports of auto parts has reached this figure while the minister emphasizes on domestic production?

Amirhosein Ghanati, Director General of Automobile and Automotive Industries bureau
told Khodrocar regarding this issue: "It is illegal to imported an auto part which causes the decrease in domestic production, so the imports can’s damage the auto parts which are produced domestically.”

He continued: "An auto part which is produced domestically is not allowed to be imported. This year, we have at least a 20% increase in car production compared to last year so an increase in auto parts which are not produced domestically is not unusual, although we are looking to increase the capacity of domestic production.”

Khodrocar reporter: Asal Dadashloo
Khodrocar translator: Maziyar Jafarieh
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