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Publish Date : 16 October 2020 - 08:53
New record-breaking carmakers' record-breaking pricing indicates the industry's years of suffering, a pain that is on the verge of intensifying these days with the publication of contradictory news and targeting the future of the industry.
Khodrocar - "Car pricing institution has changed" is a phrase that has been published many times on news sites in the past few days. Although at first glance, this headline is as valuable as any other news, but a deeper look at this headline raises many ambiguities and questions.

An industry that has been operating in the country for more than 40 years, but still has to wait for government agencies to determine its cost. An event that has caused huge losses to the industry in recent years, but has not yet forced policymakers to leave the automotive industry alone, as in other industries, with a reasonable profit in terms of pricing. Finish yourself.

Perhaps we should consider the dependence of this industry on government support in the last few years as a reason for the government to become more prominent in this industry, although on paper the share under the control of the government is not as much as its interventions in the automobile industry.

Meanwhile, a look at similar industries in other countries shows that prices are determined based on supply and demand. An issue that has always been ignored in the Iranian car industry and even positive experiences in this field are denied.

These days, when the Automobile Committee is trying to eliminate mandatory pricing in the automotive industry with its recent decisions along with the proposals of the parliament, the comments of the Competition Council and its members about the irreparable effects of assigning pricing to any institution other than this council are also interesting.

Past unsuccessful experiences, along with inefficient government policies as well as the current turmoil in its current market, have given the Competition Council an excuse, and it is trying to win the field by recalling these points.

The statement made yesterday by the Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Industries and Mines that the car pricing institution has not been changed is also interesting. Ali Jedi announces a change in the pricing formula of the Competition Council, while the 11th Majlis is trying to have an active presence in the automobile industry and intends to leave the pricing to the Commodity Exchange by presenting a plan for the transformation of the automobile industry and market.

The parallel work done in determining the price of the car by the Ministry of Silence and the parliament shows the chaotic situation of the decisions. On the one hand, the car committee left the pricing to the protection organization, and on the other hand, the parliament rejected the news and emphasized that the council will continue to determine the car price and only the pricing formula used by the support organization is the basis of the competition council.

Meanwhile, the automaker is waiting for the final decision without any role without being allowed to comment. This situation is while each of these news affects the capital of the shareholders of car companies and leads to their profits and losses, an issue that is never taken seriously and we always see a few comments in this industry.

It seems that now that all forces have joined hands to save the automotive industry from the suffering of many years, and the new Minister of Silence, for the first time, has clearly stated his position on order pricing, causing it several losses. The automaker has announced that this problem in the automotive industry will be eliminated forever with a basic solution. A fundamental decision that will not be affected by a change of government.

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