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Publish Date : 26 September 2020 - 09:23
The supply of currency required by the automotive and parts industry, despite the approval of various regulations, has not yet been achieved in the mazes of the Central Bank, and activists in this field believe in a lack of serious determination to solve these problems and emphasize that all actions of this bank are apparent. .
Khodrocar - Meanwhile, according to the Central Bank, the auto industry and parts can buy the currency they need to determine the source of the exchange and introduce it to the bank, based on which the allocation code is provided, which activists believe to date no serious action to provide The currency has not been exchanged and no opening has taken place, and all actions are apparent.

"The process of allocating currency is so complicated and there are many obstacles in its path that entering into this issue in any way provides the applicant with a high price of currency.” Maziyar Beigloo, secretary of part makers association told khodrocar reporter.

"The central bank is a unique master in the pressure to produce and slow down production activities, and in this situation, the price of currency does not matter much to the producer, because if an exchange office wants to receive half a thousand tomans lower than the real price, the exporter is forced to do so.” He added.

"The passage of such laws also requires the allocation of currency by the central bank, after which the supply will take place, so the long wait for the allocation of the central bank and then the supply will allow it to receive foreign currency from the central bank or Exchange action.” He said.

"In case of allocation by the Central Bank, they have the opportunity to provide a source of Rials for one month so that it is possible to receive foreign currency. Otherwise, the allocation will be canceled. Nor does it accept that allocation.” He continued.

"In fact, the central bank is reluctant to pay in foreign currency for various reasons, and the supply process is more challenging than ever.” He said.

Parts industry activists believe that the Central Bank's current claim about the reasons for the current currency situation is the non-return of about $ 30 billion in foreign exchange from exports, which has caused turmoil in the country's foreign exchange market. And when will this industry calm down?

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