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Publish Date : 06 August 2020 - 09:00
The symbols of the car group were reddened this week with the fluctuations of the capital market to show that the rising trend of prices is not permanent and these symbols will move in the direction of realizing the prices under the influence of market reform.
Khodrocar - After the end of the meetings of the car companies and the approval of the financial statements of these companies, the growing trend of the stock prices of these companies stopped and some symbols experienced price reductions.

An examination of the trend of automobile stocks shows that yesterday Khogstar, Khodro, Khapars were among the capitalists in the red market, and in the meantime, Khobahman and Khakerman, along with Khazamia (Zamyad), Khazin (Saipa Azin), Khavar (Iran Khodro Diesel) Vakharikht (Iran's foundry industry) was one of the green symbols of the capital market, which also experienced a slight increase in stock prices.

A look at the price of Khobehman (Bahman Group) shows that during the last week, the stock price of this automotive group has increased from 3,030 Tomans to 3,411 Tomans.

Khakerman has also decreased from 1,169 Tomans to 1,102 Tomans, and Khodro, which had faced a significant increase in the value of its shares in the past weeks, decreased by 120 Tomans this week, from 750 Tomans to 630 Tomans.

Khosapa was also one of the symbols that was accompanied by many ups and downs in recent weeks, but finally reached 524 Tomans in the last 10 days, while at the beginning of the week under review (August 6) it stood at 517 Tomans.

As one of the drivers of the capital market in recent weeks, the price did not fluctuate much and did not experience a significant price difference with the rise and fall of the index, so that on August 26, it stood at the price of 1222 Tomans, which is on August 12. It reached 1232 Tomans, but this symbol was one of the most popular symbols in the capital market yesterday.

Khapars, which witnessed the growth of stock prices after the assembly, stood at a price of 2,169 tomans last week after a slight decrease, but in a recent week, at the same time as the index fluctuated, it witnessed a decrease in prices, so that the 14th of August on the price of 1,889 tomans.

Capital market experts believe that the inflow of money into the stock market will soon intensify and fluctuations will continue, and in this situation, the market should be allowed to go its own way and stocks should go their own way, because the stock market will be doomed to climb.

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