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Publish Date : 25 July 2020 - 09:04
These days, when the price of the dollar is facing several fluctuations, the implementation of the law on calculating the price of raw materials with the FOB of the Persian Gulf has caused great losses to automakers and significantly increased inflation in this industry are in this area.
Khodrocar - Reforming the price of raw materials in the parts industry, along with modifying contracts, is a need of this industry today, because a review of price trends shows that the inflation imposed on the automotive industry is due to the passage of legislation that may harm the industry in the past few years. It did not accompany it, but today, with the increase in the price of the dollar, we are witnessing an unreasonable increase in the price of raw materials for the automotive and parts industries.

According to the financial manager of Saipa Automotive Group, a study of the prices of raw materials and parts needed to produce cars shows that this index has increased by more than 127% due to changes in currency prices and inputs. One of the raw materials in car production is polymer and chemical materials, which with a share of 6% of the total pack of materials and parts, 7.4% has affected the price of a product, so that these materials in January 1397 per 10 kg 1,800 tomans were provided, but in July 1399, with a growth of 44%, it has reached 15,600 tomans.

Calculating the price of raw materials for the automotive industry, including the FOB of the Persian Gulf, has caused a lot of losses to automakers during this period, because aluminum in this period from 19 thousand and 700 tomans to 38 thousand and 700 tomans per kilogram, copper from 53 thousand and 400 tomans to 123 One thousand tomans, steel and cast iron billets from 3,900 tomans to 9,200 tomans, internal sheet iron from 5,000 tomans to 14,600 tomans and foreign sheet iron from 7,100 tomans to 19,500 tomans Is.

Although the law amendment that has been passed in the parliament in the past few years has been repeatedly emphasized, no action has been taken so far, but a review of prices shows that in recent times, if the price of raw materials was calculated taking into account the domestic price, We did not see this level of inflation in the automotive industry.

"Currently in the country in the field of decision-making and exchange rate stabilization and monitoring of production inputs in the automotive sector, as well as a sectoral view on the issue of automobiles, various comments are made that need to be reconsidered in this regard.” Aboalfazl Khalkhali, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"The government can provide these inputs to automakers in a supportive manner, and in addition, these companies are required to make the production process transparent to the public based on cost.” He said.

"Determining the price of domestic raw materials on the basis of world prices requires the domestic market to conform to the conditions of world markets, and undoubtedly determining and selling raw materials on the basis of world prices will make sense if the domestic market activity is in line with international market conditions.” He added.

"The sale of domestic raw material prices based on world prices and the FOB of the Persian Gulf will upset the balance of prices in the automotive market and the conditions of this market.” He said.

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