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Publish Date : 12 July 2020 - 09:01
The Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, in order to make it possible for parts manufacturers to use depot parts in customs, is trying to implement a percentage clearance law, according to which it is possible to clear more than 70% of the goods in customs.
Khodrocar - These days, when the auto and parts industry is struggling with a shortage of parts and raw materials, the depopulation of a large number of parts in customs can lead to a reduction or cessation of production. Now, the approval of any resolution with the aim of facilitating the clearance of these parts can open a chain of production. Accordingly, The Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade is trying to re-implement a percentage clearance so that some parts can be cleared and the rest can be cleared as soon as the currency is received and allocated.

 "At the joint meeting, the Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade announced that the ministry is looking for a letter of clear clearance of goods, which, if approved, will solve the problem of clearance of parts remaining at customs.” Navid Gharib chairman of Currency Committee of part makers association told khodrocar reporter.

 "Earlier, it was announced that if there is a registered registration in the executive customs and the goods have entered the country, the registration of the order will be sent to the operating banks with the aim of allocating currency and it will be possible for the manufacturing company to clear the percentage.” He said.

"According to customs, if the bank issues a letter of waiting for the allocation of foreign exchange, customs will issue a clearance permit at a rate of 70%, and the remaining 30% will be cleared after the issuance of the source code of the currency.” Gharib continued.

 "This is a great opportunity in the face of sanctions, but the relevant organizations, such as the central bank, have issued a circular stating that the source of the currency must be clear so that it can be fully cleared. However, in general, despite this code, it will be possible to clear it completely.” He said.

 "Percentage discount comes alive with correspondence. Therefore, the production company can receive a percentage clearance rent from the customs by taking the order registration letter and presenting it to the operating bank, which shows that this unit is in the currency allocation queue. Now, according to the negotiations, the letter of clearing percentage is being followed up with the relevant organizations to be re-launched, while now the allocation queue is 30 to 50 days and in some cases more.” He told.

 "The plan is aimed at ensuring that if the merchant is unable to raise money, he will be able to clear part of his cargo and remain in customs. In the past, this plan was proposed due to currency allocation problems, and based on that, manufacturing companies were able to use a percentage discount.” He added.

"Currently, the central bank is facing the problem of currency allocation and due to currency control, it declares that for a percentage clearance, the source code of the currency is needed, but before this currency allocation was done in any way, the production unit allowed its clearance of 70% and It can be used in the production line and the remaining 30% clearance was possible after receiving the source code.” He finally said.

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