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Publish Date : 09 July 2020 - 09:05
Uncertainty and zero trading in the car market these days has become the main challenge for activists in this field and it will not be possible to predict the continuation or change of this situation, but what is certain is that until the price of the dollar stabilizes, prices will rise. Especially in cars under 100 million tomans, which according to the experts of this market is the price index, it will continue.
Khodrocar - As car prices rose in the market after the mid-spring, strategies aimed at controlling prices were anticipated and implemented, including outstanding sales and pre-sales of cars. Although after the implementation of this offer, we saw a new wave of price increases in the market due to the creation of false demand, but car market activists believe that the increase in car prices these days is due to exchange rate fluctuations and not increased demand.

The market price of cars has now reached a point where, in addition to eliminating intermediaries from the market, it has disappointed real buyers, so this uncertainty has led to dissatisfaction among market participants.

"As the dollar rose, we saw prices rise in the car market, and this upward trend has led even real buyers to stop buying for fear of falling prices in the market.” Nemat ollah Kashani, inspector of Tehran car show owners union told khdorocar reporter.

"Undoubtedly, until the price of the dollar stabilizes and the situation is clear, there is no doubt that the car market cannot be properly assessed.” He said.

"Currently, due to the instability of prices, the price of any car cannot be officially announced, because the price fluctuations are so great that we will see a change in prices in a few minutes.” He added.

"Currently, the highest price increase in cars has been less than 100 million tomans, and since these cars are the market indicator, with the increase in the price of these cars, the price of other cars, such as billion-dollar cars, will also increase.” He said.

"Under these circumstances, no buyer will make a purchase, even if they need a car, because there will be no desire to buy for fear of falling prices, which has led to the lowest level of transactions in the car market in recent weeks. Since there is currently no price ceiling for cars in the market, buying and selling cars is done with a one percent price fluctuation.” He continued.

Trading in the car market has reached zero, while car market activists believe that this situation is due to currency fluctuations and sellers are worried that prices will increase at the same time as car sales and there will be no ability to buy them again. They do not buy and meet their needs for fear of becoming cheaper, because they hope to see the dollar fall with currency fluctuations, and it is possible that they will be able to buy the car they want at lower prices. So these days, the closure of transactions in the car market has become a major concern for market participants and operators.

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