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Publish Date : 21 June 2020 - 09:11
A look at the 40-day performance of the head of the Ministry of Industry shows that the decisions made regarding the automotive industry are mostly focused on selling and controlling market inflammations, and although providing liquidity to automakers and the supply chain is one of his main missions. But it remains to be seen how the street teacher will perform in the important field of the car.
Khodrocar - One of the first emphases of the President to Hossein Modarres Khiabani is to manage the car market and organize prices.

Referring to the turmoil in the car market, Rouhani said that according to a clear plan that is clear to both car manufacturers and the public, the car should be priced at a reasonable price by eliminating the space for speculation and mediation.

This path should be designed in such a way as to eliminate the false role of intermediaries and brokers in determining the price of the car and to prioritize the benefit of the people and the car manufacturers. He stressed that it will not be tolerated by the people and officials in any way that with the illogical and false leaps in the car market, the country's production cars will reach the people at an exorbitant price.

Meanwhile, the head of the Ministry of Industry, referring to the policies announced by the President to the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade on organizing the car market, said that the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade has designed coherent programs to organize the car market. Its main focus is to increase production in order to respond optimally to market demand, but in addition, with a set of defined policies, adequate monitoring will be done to organize the issue of direct registration of sales and delivery, the field for direct supply of products to consumers. Real and eliminate false demand from the car market.

The head of the Ministry of Industry, while holding intensive meetings with automakers and regulatory bodies, as well as the Competition Council, stressed that the automotive sector needs to be reformed simultaneously in several areas, and the first part is the supply sector.

Modares Khiabani has announced other reforms in the registration, sales and delivery, elimination of participation profits, continued pre-sale of cars and the creation of control loops for car prices as other reforms made in the car sales department.

Other control measures can be taken to set up a procedure to remove intermediaries from the car market. Accordingly, the one-year mortgage of the car document caused real buyers to enter the field of purchase. Having an active license plate is also a limit for Registration was defined.

Although these restrictions were removed after some time and more space was provided for registration, the total number of actions defined by the head of the Ministry of Silence in the 40 days after his appointment was limited to the car sales complex, while creating a pole. Third in the country, providing the liquidity needed by automakers and the automotive supply chain by offering non-productive assets and selling shares within the framework of upstream documents, presenting new plans in the field of automobiles and electric motorcycles and producing subway cars, heavy tractors, auto parts, Heavy vehicle tires were among the most important missions of the new supervisor, with the aim of internalizing them and focusing on the use of a variety of financing methods through the capital market and effective and efficient tools.

The presence of the new head of the Ministry of Industry at the helm of the Ministry of Industry, which coincided with the implementation of extraordinary sales and pre-sale plans, made other sectors less paved and executive measures in other areas did not enter the operational phase. It remains to be seen which of the measures will be fully implemented in the continuation of the work of the street teacher.

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