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Publish Date : 13 June 2020 - 09:15
As the stock market has kept increasing after the car lottery it has entered into a new phase. Expert believe that undecided liquidity has entered the stock market and caused the increment and it will continue.
Khodrocar - The high capacity of the capital market and the automotive group to further grow this exciting market has made it an attractive market. Capital market experts cite the inflow of liquidity into the car lottery market as the main reason for the growth of the index last week, and believe that the growing trend of this market and the automotive group will continue.

"The capital market is more attractive and newer than these markets, and in its 53 years of existence, it has only been more popular in the last two years due to market growth as well as equity stocks.” Mehdi Haji vand, expert of stock market told khodrocar reporter.

"Undoubtedly, after the lottery, the stock market and the automotive group will benefit from stray liquidity, while part of the liquidity in the stock market and waiting to win was that the failure of the lottery would increase the likelihood of increased trading in the stock market.” He said.

"After the lottery, new capital entered the stock market and index increased. Undoubtedly, the capital will go toward car group because this group has left out of increases and has the capacity of stock market increment.” He said.

"At the same time, foreign signals for Trump to re-impose sanctions on Iran, along with the exchange of prisoners and hostages between Iran and the United States, give the market a positive pulse, as these are prerequisites for an agreement and promise an agreement.” He added.

These cases show that the capital market will be safe from these risks, so the stock market and car stocks seem to have a high growth capacity.

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