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Publish Date : 04 June 2020 - 08:49
Shame on the future
Several years have passed since the ban on car imports, and the effects of this action can be seen in various sections of society, from car prices to other aspects of people's lives. The heavy challenge from the public opinion and the questioning of the perpetrators of this action and the insufficient and enriching answers and the further escape from the answer has made this confusing mess stronger than before.
Khodrocar - Executing top executives for accepting the results of their decisions and disrupting the car market order is not enough to respond to public opinion, and it is no longer true to accuse car importers of pressuring decision makers to resume imports. In the meantime, what is completely hidden from the authorities (in question) is the cultural growth, scientific and professional richness along with the presence of brave and thoughtful youth in different sections of society and participation in cultural, economic and political activities of the country, which is the smallest decision. And the action of the authorities (as servants of the people) while adapting to the experiences of other countries and the world's economic schools, these decisions are examined, analyzed and criticized.

 Executive officials, while fleeing from time to time by presenting sterile plans or unrealistic statements, are keeping public opinion on the issue of resumption of imports, because they have well realized that the pricing index and the balancing factor of car import prices has been its import. Speech on the resumption of car imports over 2,500 cc, the import of second-hand cars, the possibility of importing cars for every $ 300,000 investment and the import of hybrid cars may affect public opinion in the short term, but if promises are not fulfilled. Not only will the people's trust in the statements of these officials be destroyed, but also the right decisions will eliminate the possibility of accompanying the people, and the correct and executive plans will be ineffective due to the lack of public support.
In the past few months, journalists (public opinion representatives) or experts and experts (people's rights claimants) and people have repeatedly asked the responsible managers about their behavior and actions, which has led to an increase in car prices and ultimately the cost of living. Effective planning to reduce the cost of living for members of society will only result in product dissatisfaction.

The people's grievances that any unprofessional or sometimes personal reasoning or argument of officials taken without a collective opinion are tied to the interests of the revolution and the system and are not accountable for its effects. Media) has not been accepted and if the opinion of specialized associations is consistent with these views of the people and public opinion, it is certainly due to the use of people's will and market demand along with the logic of economic theories and attention to the expert opinion of real experts and activists. The car and the use of modern information and knowledge of economics and commerce have led to this alignment, and if there is a deviation or contradiction between the decision of government officials and public opinion, it is only due to lack of attention to experts and experts and ignoring the facts, sources, Opportunities and the will of society.
 Now let's add confidentiality and information techniques only to those close to the circle. The smoke in people's eyes did not come with it.
Unfortunately, the wrong official that has been spread in the country's executive system for many years is respecting people's decision in their administrative position and not respecting people in terms of their knowledge and awareness. We must know and accept that the more the risk of economic activity in the country increases The desire of capitalists, investors and economic actors to play a role in such an arena will diminish. The decisions of the people and the enactment of short-term laws, the issuance of resolutions without executive backing and the disruptive bureaucracy have caused so much damage to the country's economy that the measurement of these losses is at least psychologically inconceivable.

Lack of expertise in designing capabilities, opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses and existing needs in terms of the importance and importance of government duties in reducing the cost of living and in order to increase life expectancy and governance, is a result of people's confusion.

Economic planning has not brought about the future, and it evokes the notion that more than a year has passed since the Islamic Revolution, and officials are still testing and making mistakes behind the scenes. The product of this method of governance, at least in the case of automobiles, has nothing but long queues to buy and draw lots and non-fulfillment of obligations, and slogans, promises and police behavior will not reduce the price of this product associated with our lives.
Investors and activists in the economic sector who expect reasonable and predictable behavior for planning in the private sector under their management have achieved nothing but confusion, and government officials have forgotten that in the private sector every decision has a cost and every cost From the capital, the investor will do it, and like the government, not every decision can be made momentarily, and with trial and error, without paying a fee (from personal capital), if the decision is not correct, it can be changed again, and of course a hundred costs. The wrong decision of the rulers has been and will be paid from national resources and national interests and from the people's capital.

Private sector investors due to lack of access to information, as well as non-interference in future decisions, along with the sudden cessation of trade processes and fundamental changes in current costs.
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