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Publish Date : 03 June 2020 - 10:04
While the deadline of registering 25 thousand cars will come today, questions about the registration, lottery and delivering has been happened.
Khodrocar - predicted clauses in lottory selling cars in the predicted duration reduced one by one and made it easier for 5 million people to register in this plan. Was it essential to extend the duration for registering 25 thoudand cars and increase the participants?

Couldn't they register people by national code in a short duration and finish it soon?

Also from Fridays the condition of having cheque removed by the order of minister of industry which made the registration way more easier.

Sadeghi Niaraki, deputy of industry of ministry of induastry said the predicted plan from ministry to deliver cars are in different dates and without doubts this could be even longer because of the shortage of parts and completing the previous commitments. They can deliver cars on time if only the central bank fulfil its commitments about putting car makers in the top list of NiMA currency and carmaker increase its production.

The lack of final price is another unclear matter. Also the previos final price which announced at the beginning of registration removed like the other clauses however the question is if dollar price increase then car makers will deliver the cars with the previous prices or not?

Having an active license plate was another limitation of registration. A big challenge for car owners who, for whatever reason, wanted to replace or buy another car, which was eventually removed this week to eliminate all cumbersome registration clauses. Now, in the latest statement from the Deputy Minister of Industry, fraudsters are sentenced to three years in the registration process for deprivation of car registration, and this raises only the question that from the beginning there was a need for such strict laws to be enforced.

Now, in the new announcement issued by the automakers, it is possible to cancel the registration, but it is not possible to edit the registered information, which is accompanied by a heavy fine.

 Predicting strict clauses and removing them after a few days shows that this sales plan needs more hammer work for later periods. Meanwhile, according to the Deputy Minister of Industry, the one-year pre-sale of the car with 75,000 units will be announced soon, and at the same time, several more car registration periods are expected to calm the market and meet the needs of real consumers. Be provided. But in the meantime, the question arises as to whether the thirst for the car market will be quenched by this number of cars. Will this marginal market calm down with the supply and sale of 100,000 cars? Now we have to wait for the results of the lottery and its effect on the car market next week.
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