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Publish Date : 01 June 2020 - 10:31
After negotiations with the Ministry of Industry and automotive industry activists, the central bank finally decided that the real producers should not be in the queue to receive foreign exchange and should be given priority outside the queue.
Khodrocar - Having a production license as well as agreement in principle is one of the criteria for identifying real producers, and now the central bank is relying on these efforts to facilitate production and remove existing barriers. In the meeting of the Central Bank's Deputy Foreign Exchange with the activists of the automotive industry and parts, it was decided that the real producers will be able to register the order and receive the currency much easier than other producers by having a work certificate.

"According to central bank officials, from now on, the bank will provide the necessary support to real producers, so that these producers will not be waiting in line to receive foreign exchange.” Mohammad Shahpary, member of part makers association told khodrocar reporter. 

"Recipients of licenses, as well as holders of the agreement in principle, are the real approvers and producers, and the central bank has no role to play, but the Ministry of Industry must define these producers.” He said.

"Manufacturers and manufacturers with IDs can now apply for foreign currency out of turn, while order registration is easy, while central bank officials have promised to work with industry-leading manufacturers. The car and the part have been given so that according to the forecasts, from now on, no manufacturer will be waiting in line to receive the currency.” He mentioned. 

"In this meeting, good agreements were reached regarding the provision of foreign exchange for the automotive industry and parts, while for the past two months, NIMA currency has not been allocated to these industries because basic goods have been given priority in receiving NIMA currency.”

"According to forecasts, the currency needed by the automotive industry and parts can be supplied and used in two ways, according to which one of these resources will be foreign exchange from exports, which will be provided by large export companies, while Some of these companies will be public and some will be private companies. Public and private companies are interested in cooperating with the automotive and parts industry and providing the currency needed by this sector.” He said. 

"In a joint meeting with exporters, they expressed their interest and readiness to provide foreign exchange from exports to the automotive industry, which will be a significant figure. According to central bank officials, any foreign currency maker can use that currency as long as the exchange office in Iran is identified.” He said.

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