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Publish Date : 29 May 2020 - 09:11
The car market has reached a calm shore these days after experiencing several fluctuations, and market participants believe that with the continued pre-sales of car manufacturers, the downward trend in car prices in the market will continue.
Khodrocar - The car market fluctuated last week due to the pre-registration of the extraordinary sales of car manufacturers. Although prices have risen somewhat since the Eid al-Fitr holiday, we saw prices fall again on Wednesday. A review of car prices in the market shows a decrease of 4 to 5 million prices on Wednesday compared to the previous days.

"Price reductions in the car market will continue as part of the market demand is met in this way. Demand for car registration has increased as the price gap between the factory and the market has widened, and everyone is looking to buy a car at a real price.” Saeed Motameni, chairman of Tehran car show owners union told khodrocar reporter.

"As cars began to pre-sell, prices in the market declined, and everyone in the market became a seller, which further reduced prices. In the current market and the continuing decline in prices, the risk of buying in this market is high, so we are witnessing a lack of customers in the car market, which has aggravated the recession in the car market.” He said.

"It is expected that with the continuation of pre-sales by car manufacturers, the downward trend of prices in the market will continue and at the same time, the false demand from the market will decrease and the prices will reach their real level.” He said.

The change in the pricing reference and at the same time the developments in the car market due to the pre-sales of car manufacturers in recent weeks have led to a deeper recession in the car market. Automotive market participants believe that with the sale of 25,000 cars in the extraordinary sales of automakers, the false demand of the market has disappeared and everyone will prefer to buy the car at their real price and from the factory.

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