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Publish Date : 25 April 2020 - 09:03
The automotive industry, which has always been one of the economic drivers, has been able to become one of the drivers of the capital market these days, despite the current crises that they are struggling with, and to help this attractive market.
Khodrocar - While only two weeks have passed since the reopening of automakers' production lines and production has returned to normal due to problems, as well as continued sanctions, automakers are breaking records in the capital market.

Meanwhile, the symbol of the two major automakers, Iran Khodro and Saipa, is still closed due to an increase in capital from the revaluation site. The reopening of other symbols will help the capital market automotive group, as the capital market experts call this group the proponents of the capital market.

Automakers have been able to succeed in the capital market as they continue to deal with the crisis. There are predictions about the rise of shares and the market has had a positive effect.

"The injection of unprecedented liquidity has led to the growth of the index and finally the shares of this group, while in the capital market, forwarding news and events is one of the habits, including increasing the capital of Iran Khodro and Saipa, which has also caused The stocks of automakers are growing and we are witnessing a positive impact on the groups of automakers and even parts manufacturers.” Mehdi Haji Vand, chief expert of stock market told khodrocar reporter.

"Bank stocks are currently growing, and this will have an impact on other sectors, including automobiles, and although automakers are currently facing problems such as a lack of liquidity and sanctions, after all, The recession is a boom that we are witnessing now.” He said.

"Automakers have had commitments since last year, which, along with targeting production this year, will ultimately lead to the growth of the automotive group's stocks and profitability growth. At present, automakers are one of the major groups in the capital market as the market leaders and have led to more growth and the capital market has managed to achieve higher record numbers.” He added.

"Shareholders and the high liquidity that has entered the stock market will continue because they have made a good profit with the short-term entry, while no market will make such a profit. At the same time, the support of the president, the minister of economy and finance, and the governor of the central bank for the stock market has kept optimism about the growing trend of the capital market.” He mentioned.

"Lack of funding and rising tax revenues have also made these conditions the best time to sell government assets and make up for deficiencies.” He continued.

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