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Publish Date : 06 April 2020 - 08:58
While the capital market has started the new year with growth and the green market sign these days has been the Eid of investors in this market, the question arises that what will be the share of the automotive industry in the new year of this green cover?
Khodrocar - The rise of the Tehran Stock Exchange's index to 574 thousand units yesterday accompanied the stock market with new records, so that the index calmed down yesterday with six thousand and 594 growth units. Under these circumstances, carmakers, which ended last year with an increase in capital, are hoping for a boom in their stock market, and as the market is currently booming, expectations for stock price growth have risen. Market participants also believe that the growth of the capital market will continue with the current economic situation, which will also affect the stocks of automakers.

"Although Corona is expected to reduce production in the automotive industry, the impact of sanctions should not be overlooked, but the capital market will be one of the most popular markets due to the preservation of the value of capital by ordinary people.” Mehdi Hajivand, chief expert of stock market told khodrocar reporter.

"In this situation, in addition to owning a car, people are looking to preserve the value of their capital. The capital market has been one of the most profitable markets since the beginning of this year.” He said.

"Due to the conditions of buying and selling, this market is free of any virus transmission, so the cash flow leads to an increase in stock prices, so injecting the right liquidity into the capital market can affect this market and grow it.” He added.

"On the other hand, inflationary expectations have shown their effect on the stock market, so that there is an expectation for an increase in the price of the dollar and coins by default, and in this situation, the so-called stock market is advancing because investors predict the future and they buy stocks.” He mentioned.

"This can be very effective when it's a good thing for businesses, and it's cheap, fast, and transparent if automakers are going to have the same approach to financing as they used to. The title will not see a leap in production.” He continued.

"If the jump in production in the economy and all industries is realized, we will see this effectiveness in the automotive industry, so the realization of this requires preconditions for cheap production and growth in all industries, including automobiles.” He said.

The remarks come as automakers have been re-evaluating the last days of last year with the aim of raising capital, which has had a positive effect on automakers' stock prices. By injecting more liquidity into the capital market, this year is expected to be a booming year for car stocks.

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