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Publish Date : 05 April 2020 - 09:00
Meanwhile, the provision of any services by automakers is done in absentia, and in case of positive achievements in this field, it is possible to provide the infrastructure with the aim of developing and making these cases permanent.
Khodrocar - Given that all the services provided by automakers during this period have been done in absentia, and even the after-sales services of these companies have been provided without the presence of the customer, the question arises as to whether this experience can be achieved in the post-Macron era. Be used? Although there are no statistics on the positive or negative achievements of these services and it is not possible to determine whether the infrastructure is suitable for providing non-face-to-face services, the experience of this period can be a great help to this developing industry.

Experts in the automotive industry believe that although the pace of change in a country like Iran will be slower than in developing countries, the post-Macron era is a new opportunity to change lifestyles, including automotive services. At the same time, however, they emphasize the need for government officials to invest in infrastructure so that conditions are far more conducive than ever before.

"According to doctors and scientists, corona leads to a new lifestyle and after this disease, a series of styles change and a new style and context of life is created in business as well as everyday life.” Babak Sadraei, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"Corona was a wake-up call for many governments and businesses that showed their weaknesses and fragility, and required everyone to look for ways to prevent these mistakes from happening again. A look at the past shows that these countries have learned from the oil shocks and world wars, and that Corona will lead to a change in lifestyle.” He added.

"Part of this change is in businesses and businesses, and the focus will be more on providing online services because it will reduce the physical presence of people and save them time in addition to not attending their time, and any group that is in this. The more successful the field, the better the situation will be in the future.” He mentioned.

"Definitely, the speed of these changes will be much higher in the first world countries and lower in the third world countries, but the amount of these changes in Iran depends on the provided infrastructure.” He said.

"There is still a lot of work to be done in Iran, both culturally and culturally, as well as the culture of administrations and institutions, infrastructure such as the Internet, as well as the existing bureaucracy in Iran. Providing these services better is tangible.” He said.

After the Nowruz holiday, the automotive sales and after-sales service units continue to operate in absentia, which can be considered a good opportunity and field for the development of this form of services.

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