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Publish Date : 12 March 2020 - 08:31
Coronavirus is visiting all markets right now and auto market is closed and according to experts prices has fallen down to past month price and no one could take the risk of buying cars.
Khodrocar - A look at daily car prices shows that the car market has stagnated more than ever before, with the main reason being the spread of the Corona virus, and there is no doubt that there will be no purchases on the market as long as the trend continues. The decline of 20 to 80 million IRRs cars is expected to see further declines in the coming months as prices continue to decline, as market participants continue to see prices continue to decline.

"There is currently no buying and selling in the market and trading rates are almost zero and prices continue to fall. Domestic, imported and assembly cars are now falling in price and buyers do not see the time to buy. On the other hand, car owners who want to make more profits for their cars are willing to sell even below market prices.” Saeed Motameni, manager of car show owners union told khodrocar reporter.

"The market trend is now such that if you do not rush to buy, the buyer can buy your car at a much lower price than the market.” He added.

"A look at the prices of sales sites now shows that the prices of assembly cars have fallen by about 50 to 60 million tomans and this is 80 million for imported cars and for Iranian cars this number is near 5 to 20 million tomans.” He said.

"The market is subject to supply and demand, and there is currently no demand for the purchase, while the seller is abundant in the market and the buyer is the price-fixer.” He mentioned.

"Until calm returns to the market and concerns about the spread of the Corona virus are diminished, the car market situation will remain the same, everyone is now concerned about their health and no one is thinking of buying a car because home is the best place for people to live in. At the same time, the problems of buying and moving a car also pose a high risk for buyers who are unwilling to accept it.” He said.

"Accordingly, there is no call to buy because of the risk involved and those who invested in the car have also quit because they are aware that they have to wait a long time to sell. Meanwhile, those looking to sell high-priced depot cars are now forced to sell at lower prices as prices approached a month ago and prices are expected to continue to decline.” He said.

The statement comes as a glance at car prices shows that the price declines have begun to continue for the past three weeks and that price comparisons indicate a return to prices before recent dramatic increases.

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