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Publish Date : 06 February 2020 - 09:00
At a meeting yesterday, the cabinet finally agreed with a proposal to set up and clear the remaining cars at customs, which the secretary of the Association of Automobile Importers believes will bring the cars to market and stabilize prices.
Khodrocar - At the same time, the proposal to liberalize car imports and tolls and tolls has also been proposed recently, which, if realized, could greatly control demand while reducing the price gap of foreign and domestic cars. However, the secretary of the Importers' Association believes that there must be a currency for imports to get the toll and that currency is not available right now.

"Since the currency needs to be available to import cars and then tax them, it seems far-fetched.” Mehdi Dadfar, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"Previously, the proposal to liberalize imports based on the origin of foreign exchange was raised, but the source of foreign and domestic currency would undoubtedly lead to the withdrawal of currency from the country, which does not exist at present.”

"Apart from the cars that are under judicial arrest, the rest of the cars will be cleared, out of a total of 5048 cars, about 1300 will not be cleared, and the clearance work will begin at the time of the verdict.” He said.

"The release of these cars may have a stalled effect on the market and prices, while we are constantly in demand and looking for prices at New Year eve so we are likely to see price stability.” He added.

"Since many of these cars are owned, so their clearance will not affect their market price. Now the price of foreign cars is very high compared to domestic prices, so this gap is meaningless.” Dadfar said.

"Exchange rates and tariffs have risen sharply over a period of time, and we have witnessed a ban on imports, which distorts domestic and foreign car prices, while it should be reasonable to see positive psychological effects on import liberalization.” He continued.

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