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Publish Date : 25 December 2019 - 08:11
While carmakers have begun producing Euro 5 products, the Ministry of Petroleum continues to shorten the supply of Euro 4 gas to all provinces and does not set a definite time for global coverage.
Khodrocar - Evidence indicates that the proportional fuel required for Euro5 - standard vehicles, which become legally binding from next year, continues to face challenges, and the Ministry of Oil, despite promises, still has no serious action taken.  This is not the case, while carmakers acknowledge that conditions have been set for the production of Euro 5 cars based on internal capabilities.

 "The most important component needed for Euro 5. The catalyst is the key to pass this standard, which according to Iran Khodro's CEO, is now the ability  It's built inside." Shahram Azadi, an expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter. 

 He cited the current supply of Euro 5 propulsion fuel as a matter of urgency and added that if Euro 4 was not used, the use of low quality fuel could produce even more pollutants than the Euro 5 standard.  As soon as possible to start mass production of gasoline with the standard Euro 5.

 The comments come as Farshad Moghimi on the sidelines of a mass commencement ceremony for Euro-5 products announced talks and plans for a Euro-5 fuel production, saying fuel production is expected to meet this standard soon.

 Meanwhile, the Ministry of Petroleum has announced the ability to produce 12 million liters of gasoline per day, which would be enough for automakers to produce for several years if supplied with 10 million liters.

Azadi goes on to emphasize that poor fuel quality is one of the major causes of pollution in Iran's metropolitan areas. According to the National Organization for Standardization, air pollution status shows that fuel quality in the country is poor and necessary.

 Emphasis on Euro 5 fuel production While in mid-October Mohammad Ali Akhbari, CEO of Lavan Oil Refining Company, announced for the first time the production of Lavan Refinery gasoline with Euro 5 and Octan of 91 standards, stating that the project would increase quality.  Refinery gasoline will lead to an increase in gasoline engine burnout and a reduction in environmental pollutants.
 In mid-summer this year, Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh has set the Euro 5 petrol production rate at zero for the second consecutive year and says it has reached 74 million liters a day in August, although experts say energy is still on the rise.  Euro 4 gasoline is not distributed in other provinces except metropolises and how could Euro 4 gasoline also be mass produced under these conditions.
 It was announced in the spring of this year that Euro 4 gasoline will be distributed in 15 cities by the end of the year, but now, with only three months left until the end of the year, not only this promise has failed, but also the country's pollution.

 Now that carmakers have begun producing higher-standard cars, the Ministry of Petroleum is expected to provide conditions for Euro-5 gasoline production to take steps to reduce emissions as carmakers move.

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