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Publish Date : 15 December 2019 - 09:00
It seems that the approval of the 10 thousand billion Toman credit limit raised by the automotive industry recently approved by the Monetary and Credit Council could bring new blood to the segment's veins and give the industry a new breath.
Khodrocar - Since this legislation does not necessarily mean payment to the automobile industry and can even be defined in the form of a customs guarantee, it has raised hopes in the piece industry that the industry can be credited with being a part of it. It can be assigned a customs guarantee, clearing up the raw materials it needs.

"The most important current priority of the automotive industry, which the government also pays particular attention to, is clearance of raw materials and semi-manufactured parts in customs, as some of these components have long been depopulated at customs, which is costly and for car makers.” Amir Hossein Kakaei, professor of the Science and Technology University told khodrocar reporter.

"At the same time, delays in access to raw materials will also be delayed and any delay in production will result in the car maker having to pay for the cost of maintenance.” He added.

"Therefore, it should be part of the credit line allocated to automakers with clear planning in place to help the car makers come first.” He said.

"Updating production and reducing it to zero on factory floor cars and returning production to a logical procedure will bring about a steady stream of financial flow, so special attention must be paid to the realization of these goals.” He mentioned.

"It is now believed that the automobile industry is not credited, but the fact is that it is a collection of automakers and parts makers who need to think carefully about how to improve their situation. In order to stop the production wheel and to stop the wheel of the industry from returning to the car market and to stop the industry from operating.” He said.

Due to a slowdown in production in the automotive industry due to a shortage of raw materials, it is expected that this line of credit will be able to offset the recent shortages.

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