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Publish Date : 09 December 2019 - 09:26
While there are some talks about the returning of French and their negotiation with part makers association, one of the main sides of this contract is denying this prediction.
Khodrocar - The agreement between the Iranians and the French on the piece industry remained part-time as sanctions began to fall, and more than two years have passed since the deal was concluded and the Iranian government has spent a great deal of money on rumors that the French side is negotiating with the Iranians.

As long as Iran's political barriers are not eliminated, even the negotiation of downstream associations such as the French Part Manufacturers Association cannot work.

"Forshia has $ 30 billion in turnover and 400 foreign venture outs, and Peugeot owns 50% of it; it was Iran's trading partner for years, producing Thunder 90 and Sandro seats while producing Peugeot 2008, 208 and 301 seats were also planned in partnership with the company.” Reza Rezaei, member of Part Manufacturers Association told khodrocar reporter.

"If there is a negotiation, it is only at the level of the fragmentation community, and it is undoubtedly not the decisive factor in returning to Iran and cooperating again, but at the highest level political issues must be resolved while safeguarding Iran's national interests.” He said.

"There are still no positive signals from the French, and not even a probable one, while our former French colleague had left Iran at the start of the sanctions and did not even allow anyone to stay in Iran.” He added.

"Whenever a French company is able to cooperate with Iran, it will undoubtedly find other French companies as well, but a signed memorandum of understanding can remain only one signature and not operational.” He said.

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