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Publish Date : 08 December 2019 - 08:44
The plan of key to key for renovating heavy cars fleet has been stopped and the market is observing expensive prices but according to activists the condition of sale in this market is improving.
Khodrocar – The slow procedure of renovating heavy vehicles fleet and finally stop of this plan alongside price increment has put the market of these cars in a big stagnation and most people are looking for second handed cars.

"Despite the dramatic increase in the prices of commercial vehicles in this market, sales continue, and although the market has slowed, the market is still in demand.” Majid Madani, activist in the commercial vehicles field told khodrocar reporter.

"Companies also support international transportation and mining. Domestic transport has suffered, but as domestic production is growing in the field of heavy vehicles, the situation has been improving and its decline the distance is bitten days.” He said.

"Market buyers are the only ones in need right now, and surveys show that sales are being made, but the actual sales process is not happening, so the truckers' town where about 300 truck sales a day are currently traded. No new cars because most people are buying second-hand cars.” He added.

"Since the price of these cars has reached more than 10 billion IRRs, the purchasing power has fallen sharply, and the car will reach the real consumer if the government's planned turnkey plan is implemented. And the costs will go back to the government, and on the other hand we will see a reduction in pollution.” He continued.

The remarks came to a halt when the key-to-key plan, designed to renovate the 202 thousand-odd fleet, was boycotted by the auto industry, which led to the loss of many truckers involved in the project. Now, almost two years later, no new decisions have been made.
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