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Publish Date : 07 December 2019 - 09:00
The automobile has become an investing option while it had negative effects on the market and decreased the purchase power of people which the only way to getting out of this situation is predicting new various ways of selling.
Khodrocar – As the economy condition changes, people buying power decrease and it’s a negative sign and an alarm for the policy makers. It is saying the exact condition of people economy situation and right now due to different reasons the market has been affected from problems and people buying power has been decreased.

Since the consumer or in other words the demand side plays an important role in the economy and this sector is always referred to as the supply-side stimulus, it is undoubtedly a negative impact on the supply-side of the population.

In this situation, the question arises as to what programs car companies should have in order to increase the demand and encourage the customer to buy a car in order to cover the target markets and to meet the market demand.

"Companies, along with their cash and installment sales, should plan sales plans to suit the current situation to bring them closer to the target market.” Aghil Mostafaei, sale manager of Persia Khodro told khodrocar reporter.

"Accordingly, a specific plan should be put in place for companies to make purchases easily, but due to the current economic conditions and the economic pressures and problems that have plagued the automotive industry and companies, their financial costs and overhead have also increased. And in view of such a process, they must equip themselves to provide favorable conditions with regard to resources and availability.” He said.

"So long-term installment sales can be one of those measures, while anticipating better customer service can also be a good incentive to buy a car. It is a difficult task and may not have a good start at the beginning but providing services in different areas can be effective in improving the liquidity and may be slow at first but it will definitely improve the liquidity of companies over time as it develops.” He added.

Expensive cars in Iran in terms of revenue have created a capital look at the car, and the price trend in the car market has increased so dramatically that people's purchasing power has diminished, as it can have negative effects on Economics Officials and economic experts have always warned in this regard that the only way to improve this situation is to anticipate specific approaches by automakers as well as resellers of foreign companies.

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