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Publish Date : 06 December 2019 - 09:00
In the newest article from ISQI for the satisfaction of customers from after sale services, the score of automakers is 731 which the top range of was 1000
Khodrocar – The report of after sale services’ satisfaction shows that 4 indexes was measured which are network of after sale services, costs and quality, answer quality, time consumption.

Examination of this trend shows that the satisfaction rate was much higher in the years 91 to 93 and even in the year 93 it reached 758 but still 731 points gained in the year 97 far more than the year before.

Meanwhile, the automobile complaints investigation shows that 94.3 percent of the complaints were received through the Tehran Province's Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce, equivalent to 903 complaints, and only 1.4 percent of complaints filed by the Consumer and Product Support Agency. It has received 13 complaints, including 41 complaints to the Ministry of Industry.

ISQI report shows that. Tehran with 78% of dispersal had the highest number of complaints, followed by Alborz with 3.7%, Golestan and Gilan with 3.1%, Fars with 2.7%, East and West Azerbaijan with 2.5%, Isfahan and Qazvin 1.5% respectively. North Khorasan, Razavi, and South Khorasan were at 1.1 percent and Khuzestan 0.09 percent, with the remaining 5 percent.

The survey also shows that Tehran has had 394 technical and qualitative visits, with 282 accidents having reached 422, including 741 closed complaints and a percentage of closed complaints. It was 57%.

A look at the percentage table of how the cases are closed shows that out of a total of 559 complaints filed with the supplier companies, 67.1% were satisfied and 32.9% were dissatisfied.

In the satisfaction section, 4.5% resulted in car replacement, 34.7% in Canjar receiving damage and 27.9% in fault. In the dissatisfaction created, 32.5% of complaints were sent to the prosecution for comment, and 0.04% were remedies at the plaintiff's expense.

Meanwhile, a review of the defects in the complaints filed by the four selected carmakers shows that 279 complaints have been closed in Iran Khodro, with the highest dissatisfaction with 61.6 percent of after-sales service and protests, and 33.7 percent.

Complaints are also related to the powertrain and refueling complex. Bodywork included 11.5 percent, suspension 10.4 percent, gearbox 9.3 percent, paint 7.5 percent, electricity 6.8 percent and braking 5 percent of Iran Khodro's complaints.

Saipa also had 181 pending complaints, which, like Iran Khodro, accounted for 61.9 percent of all after-sales service complaints. Driving and refueling set 21 percent, Gearbox and Clutch 11 percent, Suspension 11 percent, Color 7.7 percent, Accident 6.6 percent and Cooler & Heater 6.1 percent of the Saipa Group.

But Modiran Khodro and Kerman Motor executives had fewer complaints in terms of dispersion, with 111 cases and 128 complaints filed for these companies, respectively, with 56.8% protesting after-sales service and Kerman Motor 38.3%. Percentage.

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