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Publish Date : 29 November 2019 - 09:32
Whispers of returning foreign automakers and especially Chinese and their partnership with local automakers said while there is no change in sanction and political conditions even there is no chance of negotiating with foreign companies.
Khodrocar – in normal condition of auto industry results of a negotiation will be shown after a couple of years and it will take a while to be start assembling a car in the country. 

Accordingly, if the current situation is to be re-negotiated with foreign partners in the automotive industry, we should wait at least two years for the sanctions cars to be produced and reproduced. 

The automotive industry will not only evolve by negotiating and achieving results, but by providing the necessary production conditions that will surely take time.

"After initial negotiations on production, it takes at least two years to get to the first production of the car, with nothing to do with economic conditions and even sanctions.” Aboalfazl Khalkhali, master of industry and technology university told khodrocar reporter. 

"While some of the problems and obstacles are due to restrictions imposed by the sanctions, the mere desire of a company to enter Iran may not be a good criterion for deciding whether to cooperate with these companies. Companies have also been keen to work with Iran.” He said.

"After negotiating the supply and supply chain, there is a discussion of the parts that need to be bought and provided, as some parts of these cars are supplied by other companies, which is time consuming.” He said. 

"This is while Korea has not allowed any car to enter its country for 10 years, and it banned the car maker, but has delayed Iran's recent cooperation with Iran.” He continued. 

"As production lines are ready and shipping and opening up issues take time, and ordering to open an LC is also time consuming.” He said. 

"We also need a year to complete the production process for the new product, so even if we negotiate, we need at least 6 months, which is the time for the LC to open.” He called. 
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