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Publish Date : 27 November 2019 - 09:29
Alongside correcting the price of gasoline the shock of this happening has shown itself in different markets and in spare part market was stagnation.
Khodrocar – Despite all statements about the price increment of spare parts, activists said that the market is in peace and prices didn’t increase and even the stagnation has grown more so this will reduce prices.

"Right now there is no shortage in spare part market and prices didn’t increase. We aren’t aware of the future of this market but as it seems everything is okay in this market.” Mahdi Kazemi, speaker of spare part association told khodrocar reporter.

"There are some price increment among some sellers but people can buy their needs from the whole sellers to prevent any losses.” He said.

"While all critics will come to us in the association, we haven’t received any kinds of critics about the price increment which shows the stability of market.” He said.

"If the price increment continues then it ends in spare parts’ price increment because exchange rate will increase and importers should buy their parts with higher prices and at the end it may cause 5 percent price increment.” He told.

"However there is no shortage in market but the stagnation has made concerns among activists because as the gasoline price increase the percentage of using cars will reduce.” He continued.

"In current condition, price of parts will reduce because sellers should pay their debts and in that condition they have to reduce the price.” He said.

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