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Publish Date : 06 November 2019 - 09:28
Correction and increasing the price of gasoline and also the quota from the beginning of the year was one of the main concerns which now entered a new phase by the recent talks of government’s speaker.
Khodrocar - While gasoline prices in Iran are equivalent to 10 percent of gasoline prices in the region, although Iran is the third-lowest-cost gasoline country in the world, matching gasoline prices with the per capita income of different countries shows gasoline prices in 44 countries. It's cheaper than Iran.

However, gasoline consumption has been increasing rapidly in recent years, reaching more than 91 million liters per day this year, which continues of it could be a challenge for the country's transportation industry.

In this situation, raising the price of gasoline and quotas aimed at reforming the pattern of consumption as well as preventing smuggling were on the agenda, and the government's view was that the price of gasoline in Iran would be close to that of the Persian Gulf for any fuel smuggling as well as any subsidies.

There was much opposition to the proposal, however, as some believed the rate could create a very high inflationary burden under current conditions due to high expectations.

But Ali Larijani, Head of Parliament after holding a meeting to determine the price of gasoline, stated that no decisive decision has yet been made on energy carrier pricing and quotas, but there is no doubt that pressure will be put on the people so parliament will make an immediate decision.

One month after that comment, gasoline price change scenarios were announced by the government spokesman. Ali Rabiei has emphasized that the final decision on choosing one of the gasoline scenarios has not yet been made and that, according to the President, any price changes will be used to ensure fair distribution of public resources and to reduce class distances.

"No portion of the proceeds will be deposited into government or treasury accounts for current expenses, and will be intelligently distributed to those with a lower share of national wealth such as fixed-wage earners, workers, retirees, employees, designated target groups, and low-income individuals. Studies have shown that the plan will be around 7 decks and that it is a social and livelihood support plan that boils down to inflationary shocks, ensuring judicial security and improving people's livelihoods, but is still making the final decision One of these scenarios has not been adopted.” He added.

Two scenarios defined by the gas quota have been in place for half a month, but the latest spokesman for the government and the emphasis on failing to come up with a definite decision will definitely see the scenarios of how and when this decision will be implemented which it is up to the authorities.

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