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Publish Date : 03 November 2019 - 09:00
While the plans of removing Pride from production chain is getting into the executive phase, there is no plan for the future of part makers which were producing the parts of Pride in the past.
Khodrocar - With no doubt removing Pride from production line will make some question about the partner part makers. These part makers has put their whole capital to produce Pride's spare parts and now with the new decision of the automaker their future is not clear at all.

"Product development in the world is taking into account all aspects and now with the removal of Pride from the production cycle, being outdated has made a significant portion of the investment made by the automaker, but the important point is Has the investment made by the maker also come back in recent years?" Omid Rezaei, member of the part makers association told khodrocar reporter.

"Due to the lengthy process of currency allocation as well as the import of parts and sub-parts, some parts manufacturers have attempted to assemble parts to avoid problems in the automobile production lines, in which case it is unclear in the decision of the car manufacturer to remove Pride. Whether or not these issues have occurred is because it is in the discretion and responsibility of the automaker to observe this issue." He added.

"Certainly, as soon as new technologies are introduced into the automobile production lines, it will certainly benefit the automobile industry, but if this is decided in an unfavorable situation, the situation will deteriorate. Therefore, when faced with a problem with the supply of current car parts, there is a risk of spontaneous change rather than a change of status, but if the car maker considers these conditions and considers the appropriate opportunity to switch to new parts for the car maker, favorable conditions will arise." He said.

"But looking at the issue unilaterally can have adverse effects and drive limited active parts makers out of the wheel. The existing technology can replace them." He said.

Rezaei believes that parts of Pride can be divided so some parts should be updated and some parts are the same with different software and the third part is new section for the partmaker which is the main problem.

"It is in the interest of the automaker and the maker to anticipate changes in the process of production of cars, but the concern now in the segmentation family is that the automaker may not have seen the acute circumstances that any decision in these circumstances could have consequences". He continued.

Each of these parts will need to be liquidated, according to the parts industry activist, while the manufacturer is now left with current costs to invest in the new product, so this transition and double-edged razor requires a look. It is noteworthy that if the two sides pay attention, the win-win situation would be otherwise the carmaker would be forced to import the piece, and if that were the case, we would push the limited makers to the edge of the precipice with their own hands.

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