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Publish Date : 21 October 2019 - 09:27
It seems that the project of exchange facility of automakers has been closed after 7 months and the announcment of Central bank manager about allocation of this facility to an other section.
Khodrocar - It was expected that the auto industry would be paid € 844 million after the payment of currency exchange facilities to auto makers was re-enacted in June of this year, but with the payment deadline set by the central bank, Payment of this figure was identified as the main barrier to payment facilities. Although the central bank refused to extend the time for payment of these facilities, it failed to amend the terms.

These conditions, which are referred to as the main barriers to payment of the facility, included operating banks' commitment to these facilities until full repayment as well as day-to-day currency repayment, which was due to banks and automakers not being satisfied with the forecast amount. For carmakers, after staying at the Bank of China's Conlon, it was spent on other things, which is also confirmed by the head of the central bank, Abdul Nasser Hemmati.

In this matter there is a question that does automakers are guilty about this situation or the central bank don't want to step back from it's position? 

"When the facility is paid in rials, this figure becomes a fruad money and is given to large corporations, it is definitely not worth it and as the central bank has emphasized, the facility should be repaid in foreign currency." Ali Saadvandi, economist told khodrocar reporter.

"If we want to improve the situation in the automotive industry, it is recommended that these facilities be paid in rials to the car buyer as this would eventually go to the carmaker, but the carmaker's commitments would not rise much in fact from the entire body of society. It is used to help the auto industry and the risk is shared among car buyers." he added. 

"Car loan delays to buyers are lower than other types of facilities, so it is in the interest of the economy to provide car buyers with the facilities." he said. 

"If 5,000 billion IRRs is to be allocated to a car maker for the purpose of accumulating damages, this amount will be transferred to a buyer who has no loss and has less financial costs and will be provided in cash by the car maker." He added.

"If the currency is paid if the exchange rate rises, the carmaker cannot do anything because annual inflation is unclear so it is better to keep the buyer's hand open and on the other hand the price of the car for those using the shopping facility to be somewhat free and Pay the released costs. Under these circumstances, the obligations are divided into the community, and the risk of the banking system is greatly reduced, and the money goes directly to the automaker." He said finally.

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