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Publish Date : 13 October 2019 - 09:33
The second course of specialized thinking about the local production started with some experts of auto industry and partmakers while universities believe that even in the first course their capability didn't used properly.
Khodrocar - The weakness of the industry-university relationship is not new in the industry, and academics have been vociferous in the industry since they believe that, despite their potential in the field, they only receive theoretical feedback and no action is taken. The implementation of the ideas presented is not carried out, the most prominent example being the implementation of a self-sufficiency project in the manufacture of auto parts.

In this project which started in the second phase and according to the officials after the 5th table the ability of producing high tech parts will happen, the gap of university is making bad feelings. However in internalization university is one side of the story but some thinks that it is just a useless talk and nobody care. 

" At the same time, the industry needs to change its culture to use the power of the university, the elite and the designers, but unfortunately there is no industry collaboration in the university, and on the other hand, universities are moving more towards research projects. This has caused little output." Arash Mohebi Nejad, secretary of part makers association told khodrocar reporter. 

"Because of this approach to date, we have not seen a university-sponsored project operate unless there is a R&D budget that exists in all countries and accounts for about 2% of the revenue generated by major car sales. It is anticipated to increase the risk of collaboration with the university for automakers and automakers." He said. 

"Under these circumstances, the carmaker will be able to hire specialist personnel and not even have to worry about the project failing because the costs are in the R&D budget." He said. 

"A defective chain has now been formed because the carmakers are on the brink of failing to pay for it, making it impossible to work with world-class standards, and the depth of high-end construction was not realized. Economics has also been added to the cause because it will undermine the justification of domestic manufacturing by reducing production circulation. So these are the interconnected systems that, with the gesture that started, hopefully provide a framework for solving the problems and evolving the industry, and highlighting the industry-university relationship." He continued. 

He complained about the process of internalization activities without using the power of the universities. What he said at the beginning of the project was far from reality, he said.
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