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Publish Date : 26 September 2019 - 09:49
Although the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce has put tire imports on the agenda to regulate the market, the market still faces problems such as expensive, hoarding, and it is argued that tire manufacturers in the country cannot meet domestic demand. Slow. The Minister of Industry has also emphasized this, saying that if production is not sufficient, tariff leverage will support domestic production.
Khodrocar_ For more than a year, with the rise in the exchange rate and the price of raw materials in the industrial sector, artisans have faced various challenges. Meanwhile, the tire industry was no exception, with domestic production fluctuations and problems with tire imports affecting the market and drivers struggling to provide the needed tires for their cars. This was more severe for heavy cars.

However, since the tire industry is a strategic and maternal industry, all other industries are somehow related to the subject of transportation, and special arrangements must be made to meet the needs of the industry, otherwise it will face crisis.

Not long ago, Parviz Akhavan, Vice President of the Tire Manufacturers Association, emphasized that tire factories are now working at half their capacity and in a letter to the Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce and Deputy Ministers. Production has been warned in the circumstances.

Mustafa, the sole spokesman for the Iranian Tire Industry Association, responded to a letter sent by the deputy minister of internal commerce of the Ministry of Industry in recent days, requesting a reduction in passenger tire tariffs, citing harsh conditions. With the supply of raw materials, machinery, and the tire making difficult to supply, officials are looking to expand imports rather than support domestic production.

He believes that the market adjustment headquarters for dealing with the problems of the market knows no other way than imports, and this was the case last year when it came to supplying heavy tires, which eventually saw tires of all kinds enter the market, so even the Tire Importers Association Oppose payment of foreign currency to the importers.

It only adds that some domestic companies requested $ 5 million in foreign currency for the production of 2,000 tire rings annually, but did not allocate them, while importing these tire types was earmarked.

But the Minister of Industry yesterday also commented on the tire import tariff: The import tariff on rubber is dependent on the currency; for example, heavy tire imports have so far been allocated and supplied 4200 Tomans.

The Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce said that import tariffs for passenger cars were different from heavy cars, adding that if domestic production met the need, imports would be banned, but if production was insufficient, tariff leverage would support domestic production.

But Ramin Norkhi, a member of the Islamic Consultative Committee on Industries and Mines, told the Khodkar correspondent that much of the raw material needed for tire production, such as imported resin, and the exchange rate hike over the past year have had a positive impact on tire prices. Is struck.

"Although the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Commerce put tire imports on the market to regulate the market, the market is still facing problems such as price, hoarding, and so on," he said.

He continued: Since the coin, gold, currency, housing and car markets were partially controlled, liquidity in the community was shifting to other markets, and the tire market is one of those destinations that dealers can easily profit from. To earn.

He says domestic producers cannot meet market demand and imports continue to be needed. A portion of the currency allocated to imports can be paid to domestic producers to enable factories to deactivate.

According to the carmaker, the member of the House Mines Industry and Mines Commission said that as the exchange rate in recent weeks tire prices had to go down too, he believes that one part of the market tends to use imported tires and cannot It requires all people to use domestic tire, so it is important to adopt a more proactive policy in addition to preventing monopoly in this area by providing more support for domestic producers.
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