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Publish Date : 20 September 2019 - 09:36
Car market participants believe that calm is currently dominating the car market and that prices are declining and that the reason for this is the exchange rate stability in recent months.
khodrocar_Six months have passed since that time, and the car market has been fluctuating. Market participants say calm is currently dominating the car market, with some commodities now falling, but the trend is very slow and prices are expected to soar as the exchange rate rises. It can't be.
Improvements in the supply situation by automakers and the continued resale of these automakers, as well as improved market liquidity and lower exchange rates are among the reasons market participants attribute the recession to the market. However, they believe that if the process is not monitored properly, it could flare up like a fire under the ash in the second half of the year with the smallest exchange rate fluctuations as people are now reluctant to buy or sell at prices. They have to change their minds and on the one hand, the brokers are waiting to make a profit.

"Prices in the market have been declining, but this is a very slow process," said Saeed Motemani, head of the Auto Dealers Union. The reason for this is to look for resistance from car owners who refuse to sell their cars.

Car owners think they will prevent their car from being marketed if they think the price will change in the market. However, some other dealers in the non-customer market are looking for customers to convert their car into cash as soon as possible.

The head of the Union of Automobile Exhibitors on the downward slide says: Preventing general sales to some specialty dealers called cart sales, along with crowding out carts, is one of the factors contributing to the downward slide in prices. .

The marketer also cites two other factors that drive the price of the car, namely: exchange rate stability as well as entry and follow-up of the judiciary and its regulatory subsidiaries in relation to how depot cars are cleared in the parking lot. Automotive companies and their delivery to customers are other factors that have somehow reduced prices in the market.

The head of the Tehran Automobile Dealers Union emphasizes the need for no restriction on supply: If any supply is restricted to the market, it will definitely demand more profits, so with the supply constraint we will see market margins. The factory and the market will be minimized to eliminate the intermediaries.

According to Automaker, the auto market activist said prices will stabilize in the next two months, with the exchange rate stable. We will see price stability. The increase in supply, on the other hand, will see the car prices drop in the market.
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