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Publish Date : 16 September 2019 - 09:44
Air pollution in metropolitan areas is always more severe during the cold seasons of the year, and worn-out motorcycles are always blamed for the problem. Accordingly, Tehran's deputy director of transport and traffic has emphasized the need to implement a carburettor motorcycle decree from the winter of this year.
Khodrocar_ With each year approaching the cold season, environmental experts and the Environmental and Standard Organization blame polluting motorcycles for the first time.

This is what goes on in the wake of the decay of worn-out motorcycles, and every time we approach the end of the cold seasons, the issue is forgotten, and there are no more motorcycles in the fall or winter of next year. Can't hear. Although the pollution of cars has been facing different problems today, and the ban on the import of cars has been blamed, but the issue of motorcycles has never been the same and remains only one word.

Bahman Zia Moghaddam, secretary of the Iranian Motorcycle Manufacturers Association, told Khodkar reporter that more than 10 million motorcycles have been numbered and numbered since the beginning of the decade when the national license plate was implemented in factories and motorcycles became national license plates. It's in traffic now, but not even a worn out motorcycle.

He also cited a proposal to dismantle outdated motorcycles that took place about seven or eight years ago to dismantle about 100,000 motorcycles by two Iranian state-owned two-wheeler and motor-power companies and a budget. The EPA said but the plan was not completed.

But a hundred thousand motorcycles is a handful against 10 million motorcycles. If one million motorcycles are annihilated annually in a plan to remove outdated motorcycles, it can take up to 10 years for the carburettor to be discarded. Depending on the age at which motorcycles are worn, defined between 1 and 2 years from 1980 So far, more than 90 percent of motorcycles are in their old age.

The secretary of the Motorcycle Association also emphasized that it is not true that motorcycles are more polluting than cars, and that it is just a bad propaganda scam to the motorcycle industry.

Shahrbano Amani, a member of the Tehran City Council, also mentioned in a meeting of the Tehran City Council that motorcycles were not organized in the capital: Motorcycles occupy a major part of the city's traffic while maintaining low safety and use. It has many casualties annually.

He added: 2.4 million motorcycles in Tehran were numbered by the end of 2006 and according to unofficial statistics, the number of motorcycles is 3.5 million.

A member of the Tehran city council says 99 percent of Tehran's engines are carburettors, 64 percent of them are outdated. Every carburetor generates about 15 grams of pollution per kilometer and their emissions are 7 times that of a standard Euro 4 car. On the other hand, these vehicles comfort people and their owners have many abuses such as passing a red light and moving in the opposite direction.

Noting that municipal efforts in this area were insufficient, he argued that cultural authorities should pay attention to this issue and that citizenship education should be resolved.

The city council member emphasized: Recording and confiscating motorcycles does not solve the problem and we must take a decision to refrain from adverse action. It is also necessary for the municipality of Tehran to report to the city council on this issue.

But in a recent comment, Mohsen Poursid Aghaee, Tehran's deputy mayor of transport and traffic, emphasized the need to implement a carburettor expiry date this winter, saying: "Carburettor expiry date should be enforced for a motorbike numbering this winter." . Last year, some in the motorcycle industry announced that they were not ready to pass the legislation, so it was expected to be delayed for a year.

He continued: This winter should be enforced this winter and we hope to see no further delay. Regarding the air pollution in Tehran, implementation of this decree can have a significant role in reducing pollution.

Some experts believe it is better to prohibit the sale of confiscated motorcycles at detention centers and to prevent them from returning to the cycle of consumption to reduce motorcycle pollution and reduce their share in air pollution. They also consider taking a motorcycle technical examination as one of the helpful ways to reduce pollution.
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