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Publish Date : 27 July 2019 - 08:50
Alongside the saving currency and supporting local production importing foreign cars banned, after that work force lay-off and closure of importer companies started.
Khodrocar – Active importer companies are shrinking and more than 10 thousand human resources lay-off is happening while the minister of Industry said deadline of stocked imported cars won’t extended. However, activists are thinking that even after the extending of this approval only 5 companies remain active to keep the voice of importers. 

"A total of 14,000 people have been working at importing companies, with just over 3,000 to 4,000 people active, while some companies are shutting down their own subsidiaries.” Mehdi Dadfar, secretary of vehicle importers association told khodrocar reporter. 

"At the same time, some companies have shut down the offices of these companies by disposing of all their workforce, and some companies are also waiting for the clearance of the remaining cars in the customs.” He added. 

"In practice, the business of the importing companies has reached zero. Certainly, with this trend, in the future, there will be no news of the elders of this class because their volume of activities has reached about 5%, a decision that has led to this situation.” He said. 

"This decision and recent actions in this area are non-scientific and far from the logic, and I continue to emphasize that this action has been planned and for secret purposes that achieved a predetermined purpose.” He said. 

"At the same time, we emphasized the limited time of this resolution, because we were aware of the long time of the bureaucracy, but only four months after the notification, only 300 clearance cars were acknowledged and, as a result, were unable to do so, continuing this situation until this May. The number of clearance cars reached less than 1,000 units, which eventually led to a two-month extension of the bill, with a much higher delay.” He called. 

"However, it was emphasized that the car had been paid in advance and the cars were owned by the people, but after two months of the expiration of the bill, 6400 vehicles were cleared, while a number of cars were reported to have received Customs sheet ready for clearance. Two thousand cars were waiting to be licensed in addition to the receipt of the customs letter, which was the time of the end of the bill and was not renewed. A total of 4,000 vehicles were also subject to a new order that will precipitate in the customs if they are not renewed.” He continued. 

"The non-prolongation of the resolution has a negative impact on the market, while in a letter to the Deputy Economic and First Vice-President, the request for an extension of the law would not be decided until the approval of the extension and time for which a good draft was prepared in this field that the extension and It was generalized, while the minister was looking into this issue, and a lack of preparation was made, but a new comment was made.” He said. 

"Of these, seven companies are waiting for the clearance of the remaining cars in the customs that will be shut down after the release, and about six companies will be active to keep the discourse of the car importers alive.” He told.
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