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Publish Date : 17 May 2019 - 10:33
Next week the parliament of Iran will work on the plan of organizing auto market again. However this plan which was talked before several times never had a result.
Khodrocar_MPs are reminded every time that the turmoil market is over. Accordingly, the Industry Commission has been unveiled for several times this year, as has been the case last year, and has uncovered a steady increase in car prices.

Last month, Valery Maleki, spokesman for the House Industries Committee, told the Automotive Reporter to outline the plans of the Industry Commission for the automotive industry in the year of the boom of the production of the return of the Automobile Industry Reconstruction Initiative to the Majlis. He stated that it was scheduled to review the market design and send it to the public court within a week. But after about May 16, Ordibehesht Yadollah Razian, member of the board of directors of the Majles Industries and Mines Commission, said the car repair plan was completed at the Majles Industries and Mines Commission. He added that two articles of the car design plan were approved in the open year last year and eight other articles were approved today at the Commission for Industry and Mines, which is due to be submitted to the courtroom.

Accordingly, according to a plan announced by the parliament, an urgent plan for organizing the car market will be on the agenda of public meetings next week.

But how much can it help to organize the car market, which many details have not been announced. In this regard, Ali Dahmardi, an economics expert, told Automotive News Correspondent: "The price of some commodities also affects the price of other goods. Automobile is also a commodity of this kind. The car's longevity also causes other goods to rise in price. As a result, if this market is not organized and the necessary regulations are not followed, the prices will rise and the market will increase as a result of the market. "

He added: "It is suggested by parliamentarians that the car market plan is planned to be held in Parliament to contain useful materials on the management of car imports and how to sell the car, but each time the parliament plans to organize the automotive industry with subjects and The problems of the day are going ahead with the industry and less than the adoption and implementation of this plan will be heard. "

The economist adds: "In two materials adopted last year at the Industrial Commission, the decision to remove the state-owned enterprise in the automotive industry came about within three months, but how much did these issues be addressed in the House's public scene? Legitimate and approved, I think it can not be hoped for. "

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