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Publish Date : 09 May 2019 - 09:51
The prices on the domestic car market and montage are a few days downtrend. According to market participants, the decline in prices has happened with the shortening of the dealers' hands from the market.
Khodrocar_Last month, the Minister of Finance, one of the reasons for the rise in prices in the past month, has called for the closure of automakers in the first two weeks of the New Year's holiday, saying that this has had a relative impact on the price of cars. He also points out the role of dealers. Dealers have been involved in auto-disrupters two weeks ago, but now they are meeting commitments, 80% of commitments and 20% of immediate sales.

The minister also emphasized that in recent months, a number of automobile vehicles had been stockpiled due to a fraction of the car's parking lots, which will be dismantled this week, and the cars will be gradually released.

 However, various issues have influenced price increases, but car industry experts continue to rate car pricing.

Automotive industry expert Amir Hassan Kakai believes that the main problem in the automotive industry is wrong production and pricing. He says: "When pricing is not right, some are looking for windfall and guaranteed benefits to dealers.

"The rise in prices hit the 7th of May, so that it was tangible for the entire community," he said. These conditions occurred while the factors affecting the automobile industry in the country did not change, that is, we have had problems in automobile production for a long time and have been banned from car imports for more than a year. "

Also, Kazem Mohammadi Nikkhah, the auto market activist in an interview with the car dealer, says that if the removal of unrealistic prices from sales sites continues and customs clearance is lifted, prices will be broken in the car market.

"When the supply and demand in the market do not go well and the market is wandering, prices are rising," he says. The only way to do this is to keep the dealers out of the market as much as possible, and automakers can continue to supply the car to the market. "

 the survey of statistics released by the ministry of industry, mining and commerce suggests a decline in the production of two major car manufacturers in April this year compared with the same period last year, with Iran Khodro with 36.9 percent and Saipa with a 45.1 percent drop in production. Although car makers have been trying to prevent market inflammation after the holidays, the car makers have not been able to ignore the effect of reducing output in the market. If, according to the Minister of the Interior, the cars that are lying in the factory shed due to lack of parts will be commercialized, the car market is likely to continue to keep its prices down and relative tranquility down.
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