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Publish Date : 24 April 2019 - 10:04
After the final carburator motorcycles has plated in the final days of 2016, Producers start to manufactuer injection motorcycles which make challenges for them and they are continuing.
Khodrocar_Iran's motorcycle industry has faced many problems in the past two or three years, which is highlighted by the activists of the industry, partly due to unplanned government decisions, and the motorcycle industry is a forgotten industry for them. The crash of the year 2017 and the emphasis on the production of injectors were one of the decisions that activists in the area believed were not yet provided with the production of engine engineers in the country.

"The motorcycle businessman and engineer are confronted with the challenges facing the motorcycle industry in the last two or three decades," said the stopping of the numbering of Euro 3 engines was a big challenge for the industry, which the government has objected to by manufacturers. Motorcycle and led to a request from manufacturers to get an opportunity to upgrade the standards. The government also agreed to request motorcycle manufacturers to offer a 10-month-old opportunity by the beginning of January this year to produce motorcycles with the Euro 4 standard and re-number motorcycles with the Euro 3 standard. Although the numbering would not continue until long "

The change in economic conditions and the unprecedented rise in the price of foreign currency and the price of 3-fold domestic raw materials also made it harder for motorcyclists in 2018, and the production reached its lowest level in 2018."

The motorcycle industry's verb states: "An increase of nearly 60 percent in motorcycle prices has also led to a decline in supply and demand in the motorcycle market, and buyers were no longer interested in buying, replacing or replacing new engines."

"In pursuit of these challenges, the government's next mandate for motorcycle manufacturers to abandon the production of motorcycles in the second half of the year was 97, and the pressure exerted on this led to a factory Many motorcycles will be shut down. Therefore, at the request of the Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers and the Ministry of Industry's request for the deletion of Article 11 of the Rules of the Clean Air Act on the abandonment of craft motorcycles, the Cabinet of Ministers agreed to postpone the implementation of this decree in March. "

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