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Publish Date : 04 March 2019 - 10:56
While managers have the experience of easy leaving partners but they made mistakes after JCPOA and let the foreign companies to leave Iran and if their management doesn’t change then the auto industry never reach a place.
Khodrocar – after the JCPOA Iranian automakers returned to their former partners like Mercedes Benz, Peugeot, Renault and Citroen to make contracts and start joint venture production. In this path some companies took money from those who left Iran in previous sanctions but after sanctions restored, they Iran again.

In the current condition contracts have finished and there is no legal or economy pressure on the international partner. So we have to think about the future and make better contracts to make the partners to stay even in hard times.

"When Peugeot and Renault came to Iran again, it was said that signing a joint venture contract doesn’t limited to transferring technical knowhow and importing parts for assembling but managers were looking to sign a contract at any price.” Hassan Karimi Sanjari, an expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"For example, Russia has embraced many companies in the field of motor vehicle ownership by the parent company, which was sanctioned by the West in 2014; the sanctions reduced the value of the base currency and created a severe inflation that ultimately Led to a decline in demand for the car market, and many companies left the country, but with the passing of time in 2018, when the economic conditions of Russia changed, many car companies returned or thought back to the country, while Russia continues to At the boycott of the West.” He continued.

"Automobile companies are not paying attention to sanctions and investing in their economic activity because of the significant capital in Russia. Therefore, it should be emphasized that in the contracts of cooperation with international companies in all areas, the allocation of ownership to companies should be provided by Iran, with the international partner's efforts to invest, knowledge transfer, the transfer of machinery of the day, attention to the price Competition and good quality production.” He added.

"Given the low cost of wages, cheap energy, access to energy and appropriate geographic conditions, Iran has a great advantage to cut costs, and many international companies have been seeking these benefits, and products manufactured on Iranian soil to other countries that have the advantage Competitive and productive. The export value of these products will be for Iran and will affect the amount of GDP, per capita income and the positive balance of the car industry's currency.” He added.

"Given these conditions, when a boycott or a special event occurs in the political and economic environment of Iran, international partners can’t pull out their own capital, which can be used to stop Iran from joining the capital. It can be said that the best way to participate in the provision of low-cost property and services in Iran is to business partners.” He said.

"Joining Ventures and CKD-based activities are vulnerabilities, while Iran can help secure its economic stability in terms of sustainable economic agreements, and the political handful of international negotiations will be high. Other countries do not easily pass on the interests and capital of their private companies, and this is clearly evident in the exemption of some countries in buying Iranian oil.” He said.

It can be said that in the new contracts of various industries, especially the automotive industry, time managers should not just think of taking a photo and recording a moment to sign, and they should be seen a bit further, and on the other hand, managers should not think that international companies are only for a few How many months are their partners and what they can get from them, but they must act in a way that will encourage them to invest in longer and longer term by providing different and cheap services such as low cost land and the cost of building a cheaper factory.
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