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Publish Date : 15 February 2019 - 09:23
First effects of sanctions hit the auto industry and changed its way completely but news about the activities on local platform is keeping the hope of automakers alive.
Khodrocar – otherwise than predictions about the future of auto industry in 2018-19 in the way of JCPOA and introducing new cars, America’s sanctions against Iran changed everything and the way of auto industry.

This happened while all media predicted the sanctions and in most conferences, reporters asked minister and managers of two major automakers that if sanctions restored then what will happen to automakers? The question was remain unanswered in most of the times but now sanctions are returned and automakers are struggling with different problems so managers should find a way out of it.

"While auto industry relate to other industries a lot so effects of sanctions are more obvious. Auto industry always had a challenge of working and having joint activity with foreign companies. In this matter some things are missing like lack of transferring technical knowhow, lack of proper relation between Iranian and foreign automakers and lack of exporting joint venture product.” Saeed Madani, an expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"Technical knowhow never transferred to Iran in any contract and Iranian companies just invest on their own production line to become a good producer for the mother company.” He added.
"The relationship between the Iranian component producers and the foreign component was very weak, and in establishing the relationship between the foreign party claimed that the component producers were independent and they could not be forced to cooperate with the Iranian component makers. It was supposed to send 30-40% of the products produced in Iran to the target markets of the parent company, which never happened, and only the country's oldest cars were issued to neighboring markets in certain circumstances.” He said.
"One of automakers programs from years before is designing and producing local platforms which in that they signed contracts with Chinese and other countries and near future these platforms will be introduced.” He added. "When there is an internal platform for automobile companies, it can also be shipped to other countries under the terms of the sanctions because production of the other part does not include US sanctions and car manufacturers continue to operate.”
"Automakers can’t keep on going in their own during sanctions and in this situation government and consumers should support automakers. Right now, automakers should use 50 percent of their capacity to design, produce and solve errors of local platform and make the condition better. In terms of sanctions, the circulation of products that are not affiliated with the outside should be maintained and over time, their circulation to new vehicles such as Roham to be allocated.” He said.

With these rumors, it can be said that the production of an internal platform is an example of planning to go through sanctions, but it's worth noting that automotive companies seem to explain their plans to the media and the public in order to implement It is steadfast and the community is aware of the way the automaker is the consumer of its products.

Khodrocar Reporter: Amir Hossein Lavasani

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani
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