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Publish Date : 02 September 2018 - 09:35
Six years ago, new round of sanctions have been set for Iran and all industries including raw materials, parts, engineering, and after-sales service sectors. Now after six years, history will repeat, but this time for automotive industry.
Khodrocar – During recent years, United States’ sanction affected Iran’s relations with its business partners. But the new round of sanctions which US would implement, will include different aspects of automotive industry including raw materials, auto parts, technical services and after-sale services. This industry is a priority.

But what's more important than anything else is the impact of these sanctions on the market, production and automotive industry. In May, United States announced its exit from Iran’s Nuclear Deal. Soon after, many reasons including the announcement boomed the car prices in the market. Them the government faced currency supply issue and even before the implementation of sanction, vehicle imports have become banned.

Six year ago, sanctions has led to the reduction of car productions and even Koran car companies have said goodbye to Iran’s market, so the Chinese entered. But things are different now; new sanctions are so tough that even Chinese will not survive and there is the possibility of their exit from Iran’ market. Exactly like Europeans.

The sanctions seem stronger and more effective.
But, why are these new sanctions strongly effective? Why is this industry so weak?
Bahram Shahriari, automotive industry expert, tells Khodrocar regarding the issue: "The reason for this weakness is that this time the car industry is the priority. Another point is that in the past Iran's dependence on the world markets was less. Affiliations have increased in recent years.”

This expert believes that the big issue of this industry is the lack of planning and imprudence.

"I am against the word "Self-Sufficiency” Shahriari said. "It is a huge lie. Self-Sufficiency does not mean that we should cut all of our relations the world and global markets. This word means that an industry is able to produce a good all by themselves.”

He insists: "If we could produce a car without any affiliations, this mean self-sufficiency. Assemblers are not carmakers. All of these year, we just assembled. The main question is why, instead of assembly, technical knowledge is not introduced and why the past mistakes are constantly repeated? The reason is weak management.”

Khodrocar - Another major difference between the new rounds of US sanctions with the previous round, is the time of lifting them. The last round of sanctions was implemented from July 2012 to January 2013; now with Donald Trump’s presidency, the lifting time is unknown.

Khodrocar Reporter: Negar Mirkarimi
Khodrocar Translator: Maziyar Jafarieh
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