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Publish Date : 27 August 2018 - 11:19
The anticipated track version of the sizzling supercar car is almost here.
Khodrocar - Not quite a year ago McLaren told us a track-only version of the already-awesome 720S was in the pipeline. Well, that pipeline is now a completed car, and track testing is well underway for the race-spec 720S GT3. McLaren doesn’t tell us exactly when it will be available, but we do know it will be in time for customers to participate in major 2019 GT3 events. That is, customers who have $564,000 and the means to go racing.

Based on the photos we can see a few obvious changes like that massive wing on the back. Looks are deceiving, however, because McLaren says more than 90 percent of the 720S GT3 has new or updated components versus the road car. Outside it wears new carbon fiber and composite panels unique to the GT3, not to mention a bespoke splitter, new floor assembly, and that big GT3 spoiler.

The suspension is also reworked, with new geometry for the rear components and four-way adjustable dampers and springs. Wheels are a center-lock design and wear Pirelli race rubber, and naturally there’s an air-jack system for quick pit stops. A new adjustable limited-slip differential is also in the mix to help distribute the GT3’s ample power to the tarmac.

Speaking of which, McLaren doesn’t offer any figures for horsepower or torque on the race-prepped 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8. The engine does benefit from an enhanced torque curve for a better racing powerband, and it’s said to offer more efficiency for endurance racing. The sequential transmission is also upgraded with a new electronic shift actuator for quicker shifts and better reliability in a racing environment. Brakes are optimized for better cooling and longevitiy, utilizing a new caliper design to help make it happen.

Naturally, the 720S GT3 gets all the necessary safety gear to satisfy FIA requirements. That includes a new roll cage and six-point harness, among other things. Drivers can also take advantage of optional extras like a rearview camera, radar systems, quick adjust traction control and anti-lock brake settings, and real-time tire pressure monitoring.

McLaren’s race-spec 570S GT4 claimed eight wins in its debut season last year, so the 720S GT3 should be quite a capable machine when it hits the circuits in 2019.

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