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Publish Date : 28 July 2018 - 09:24
It has been a while since the imported car market faced tensions after SABTARESH’s shutdown and this turbulent market still has major problems.
Khodrocar – Exchange rate fluctuations made people to look into cars as a capitals and forced them to buy vehicles from different companies.

Although the mother companies announce terms of sales and online sales, customers who didn’t succeed buy their cars from miscellaneous companies.
Nowadays, imported car markets is under the influence of car import ban. 1400 good are banned including the cars.

Meanwhile, After the re-opening of SABTARESH, Ahmad Vafadar, CEO Observatory of Organization for the Protection of Manufacturers and Consumers said that the only way to stay in business is the instant delivery vehicles and any other short or long term commitment by the companies is not safe. The customer must have seen the car before delivery.

He added that instant delivery is only available for official dealerships and the customers should only trust these dealerships. Other companies, even the subsidiaries of companies’ forums are not trustable.

But is it enough just to warn the customers? Does the Organization for the Protection of Manufacturers and Consumers have any plans to control and solve the market’s mess?
Amirhassan Kakaei, an automotive industry expert tells Khodrocar regarding the issue: "There are other solutions that this organization can offer at the moment because there are no positive outlooks until next year. If pre-sales permits are issued, customers will pre-order cars, which does not exist, customers pay the money but no cars are delivered.
He adds: "Some phenomenon goes back to macroeconomic and in the current situation, we cannot answer all the needs of people at all levels and with all qualities.”

Regarding the market of imported luxury cars, he says: "In this market, we face a lack of supply and price increment is not something unusual. This problem has solutions and one of them is capital market management and production management throughout the country. While the government wanted to control the exchange rate, some pseud-demands have been created in imported car market which can be removed if the capital market slows slightly. And the other thing is that the government must be able to control the capital market. Capitals must be organized. Customers should be patient too, in this situation.”

He explains: "As long as the problems are solved and the import of luxury goods like cars are allowed again, there are no solutions and the interference of Organization for the Protection of Manufacturers and Consumers can even make the situation worse. Some time, the actions that seem right, just make everything worse and this is one of them.”
Kakaei says: "If this organization banns the companies’ pre-sales, we can count it as consumer protection.”

Khodrocar - According to experts, the way to shut down and eliminate the inflammation of imported car market is to direct people's capital to target markets and production. Because any other hurried action and decision may further disturb the market and affect the automotive industry.

Khodrocar Translator: Maziyar Jafarieh
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