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Publish Date : 30 April 2018 - 09:05
It is now over half a century since Iran became a car maker and it now knows it self the top car maker of the region. But being a carmaker is not up to the production figures alone. The question is, after all these years what is Iran’s global position when it comes to platform design? Does Iran have the proper knowledge and tools to make a platform? Is it necessary for Iran to become a platform maker?
Khodrocar – Platform making is absolutely the most difficult and most expensive part of car making process. The process is so costly that car makers do their best to make the most diverse models out of one single platform. The question remains, is Iran capable of designing and producing a platform after all these years?

Designing each car platform costs hundreds of million dollars and each is at least in production for 10 to 15 years before being replaced with a new one. Considering this fact, is it proper to insist on producing a local platform?

"If it is about potentials regardless of economic factors, then yes. Some famous car platforms are now being produced by Iran car industry. But bringing economic factors into account, this might not be such a good idea and that is because the car production figures in Iran are not considerable enough to justify production of platforms.” Said Farbod Zaveh, an automobile industry expert in response to Khodrocar journalist regarding the wuestion if Iran has the potentials of producing car platforms.

"Production of car platforms requires high production volumes and that only comes from export market shares. So the process is technically practical but economically unreasonable.” Continued Zave.

"Platform design is in some corporation’s specialty. Car makers pay them and give them details of their wanted platform and then the platform design is their jobs. Iran can also take the very same step to order its own platform.” Said Zaveh in response to Iran’ car industry capabilities in the field of platform design.

The expert in response to the question that does Iran really need a locally designed platform by saying "I believe not. Lest suppose we produce a vehicle that goes into the production and export circle. The hard part is sales, after sales services, distribution network, marketing and all related elements to the vehicle that are extremely vast that we might not be able to handle its expenses and the kind of management it requires.”

"Maybe it is better for us to act like Turkey. Instead of insisting to sell our own vehicles, produce vehicles for other brands.” Zave went on.

"If the word Car Maker is not followed by added value and benefits then it is useless. You cannot be a car maker having all-time losses. We better focus on being more profitable and more economic to be able to solve more problems.” Adde Zave as a suggestion.

As Khodrocar reports, Iran car industry with its current production value along with huge platform design expenses, does not need to own a locally designed platform. It is better instead to focus on its weaknesses in order to improve its current position and products.

Khodrocar Journalist and Translator: Mostafa Anisi

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