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Publish Date : 10 February 2018 - 16:05
The division also has a new Black trim package, carbon fiber door sills, and colorful keys.
Khodrocar - McLaren Special Operations helps make the British brand's already exclusive products a little more special, and its latest range of process bring the division's expertise in style and performance to the Sports Series range. 

Owners looking to give their 570S Coupé, 570GT and 570S Spider an even meaner sound can order the new titanium exhaust. The part is 11 pounds (5 kilograms) lighter than the stock unit. It also makes the car five decibels louder, and MSO reports that a "cleaner, crisper" tone comes from the back of the vehicle than usual. The titanium exhaust runs 4,750 pounds ($6,570 at current exchange rates), and buyers can choose between a standard Nano Black finish for the outlets instead of the standard Nano Clear color. Later this year, the part becomes available as an upgrade to existing Sports Series owners rather than only being available as an option on new cars. 

For added style, MSO now has a new Defined Black Pack for the 570S Coupé and 570GT. The parts replace the standard Dark Palladium grey exterior trim on the front splitter, aero blades, side skirts, side air intakes, door inserts, rear diffuser, spoiler, and bumper. On the 570S Coupe, the waist finisher and rear deck also get the darker appearance.

MSO also has a new set of carbon fiber door sill covers for the 540C Coupé, 570S Coupé, 570GT, and 570S Spider. They don't serve for any performance upgrade, but the McLaren branding adds a little visual flourish when people step into the car.

The division's final new product is small but turns your key into a colorful fashion accessory. The MSO Defined Ignition Keys come painted in either Black or McLaren's signature shade of orange.

Source: McLaren
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