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Publish Date : 28 January 2018 - 10:52
A new approach for U.S. domination.
Khodrocar - Genesis is hoping to distance itself from its Kia and Hyundai stablemates by establishing its own retail dealership network over the next few years. The new network will work by having Genesis dealerships conduct business from both shared and temporary facilities while the company builds standalone buildings. The goal of the network, which should be around 100 retailers, is to enhance the overall ownership experience, which is an area luxury automakers are expanding into in hopes of winning over new customers who want something more than just a place to buy and service their vehicles.

"At Genesis, we believe in putting our customers first and giving them a proper ownership experience,” says Erwin Raphael, General Manager of Genesis Motor America. "To ensure that happens, we need to take this next step in the separation of the Genesis brand from our parent company. Establishing a right-sized Genesis retailer network, as our product portfolio grows, will ensure the Genesis brand can succeed and thrive long-term within the luxury automotive market.”

Luxury automakers are offering a host of upscale amenities to draw in new customers while enticing others with seamless experiences. Lincoln for example provides a concierge service to assist with vehicle solutions, and roadside assistance, pickup and delivery for vehicle services, and other amenities. Being a luxury automaker today is more than just building a luxury vehicle.

The Genesis brand is slowly growing. In 2017, the luxury automaker sold 20,584 G80, G80 Sport, and G90 models. Genesis plans to continue expanding its lineup over the next several years, such as the Genesis G70, making the need of a retail network necessary.

Genesis hopes that its retail network will help the brand gain luxury status. If you’re dropping the big bucks on a Genesis G90, you probably want more than cold coffee and a vending machine while waiting to have your oil changed.

Source: Genesis
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