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Publish Date : 14 November 2017 - 11:38
A third of cars manufactured by Volkswagen with devices to cheat emissions tests remain unfixed, two years after the scandal erupted.
Khodrocar - Monthly rate of fixes of vehicles with defeat devices has fallen to 2% from a previous high of 10% earlier in the year.

However, the monthly rate of fixes to Volkswagen manufactured cars has fallen to 2% of those affected from a previous high of 10% in February, despite the task not having been completed, according to the Department of Transport.

The emissions scandal affected 1,207,152 vehicles in the UK and while two-thirds of the cars have been fixed, the rate of fixes to the remainder has stalled.

An analysis showed the fix-rate of Skoda’s spiked between July and August to around double that of other Volkswagen brands, an anomaly queried by Mary Creagh, Labour MP for Wakefield and chair of the environmental audit committee.

The fix-rates for other brands has faltered.

Creagh has written to the Department for Transport to express the committee’s concerns about the lack of progress in applying fixes to cars equipped with the defeat devices.

"It is over two years since the VW emissions scandal was discovered, a third of vehicles have yet to be fixed and rates have slowed considerably,” said Creagh.

"It is essential that the vehicles on Britain’s roads adhere to emissions regulations, particularly as the country is faced with dangerous levels of pollution. The department must take responsibility for ensuring that these fixes are completed as soon as possible”.

A Department for Transport spokeswoman said: "The UK government continues to take the unacceptable actions of Volkswagen extremely seriously and is working hard on behalf of UK consumers.”

"Officials in the Department for Transport hold monthly meetings with representatives from Volkswagen for information on the number of updates applied across all of the affected brands and to press them on remaining issues.”

Nitrogen dioxide pollution, largely produced by diesel vehicles, has been unlawfully high in most of urban since 2010.

Source: Guardian
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