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Publish Date : 04 November 2017 - 09:15
Reza Vayseh in Exclusive Interview with Khodrocar:
He says it is almost five years that he has not given one speech in seminars. Look for some of his interviews online and you find nothing new and the latest belongs to seven years ago.
Khodrocar - Wikipedia introduces him as Iranian manager and engineer, he is also known as the architect of Iran’s automotive Industry back in the 8th parliament. Four years sitting on IDRO’s CEO chair leaded to those bet years of IDRO’s activities while at the same time is was when he faced with criticisms regarding automotive industry’s tendency to go toward the government’s wills.

He was back to governmental business structure when he was assigned as Vice President’s Deputy of Observe and Coordination in the 11th parliament and also as the most probable and suitable choice as Minister of Industry, Mine, and Trade in the 12th parliament. Although the latter din not happen for him, but these days his name is heard a lot as a reassigned CEO of IDRO. There is a short interview with Reza Vayseh.

Your name is among the most probable choices for IDRO CEO, yet it seems naïve. What do you comment regarding the rumours?
I prefer to keep on serving where the superior authorities want me to.

So you will not come back to IDRO?
I preferred to work with the government to serve the automotive industry when President Rouhani took over the office. I preferred to be active where superior authorities determined. Now I serve as the Vice President’s Deputy of Observe and Coordination. I am now where I believe I can do great things.

Is the shot down of Sabtaresh (Vehicle Import Registration Website) being revised in the government? What is going to happen to the vehicle importers?
We are now studying to correct the vehicle import regulations in government commissions.

So is there any possibilities regarding reopening of the Sabtaresh in the next month?
All I can say now is that the vehicle import regulations are being quickly revised in government commissions but the reopening of the vehicle import registration website (Sabtaresh) when about is depended on how fast the conclusion is reached, so there can’t be a clear date to it.

It is also notable to mention that in the 29th meeting of petrochemical industry managers, Reza Vayse cited that all sources of IDRO has been destroyed and some Low-Profitable companies and the name is all that has left of it.

Khodrocar Interviewer: Reza Hossayni
Khosrocar Translator: Mostafa Anisi

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